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Your Health in Business

Your Health in Business

You can’t run a business without taking care of your health first.

Recently I was visiting with my parents and I noticed my father was not moving like he use to. He walks with a cane and every few steps he has to stop to catch his breath & he never use to have this problem.

Unfortunately, my father discovered he had diabetes in his 50’s, which led him to early retirement. As the years went by my father developed high blood pressure, failing kidneys & congestive heart failure he is now 71 years of age.

I decided one day I must give my father one of my kidneys. So in April of 2008 the transplant took place. Of course I wanted to do this because he is my father and I wanted to keep him here with me as long as I could.

The good news is that the transplant was a success and his high blood pressure is non-existent. The bad news is he has congestive heart failure, diabetes and he does have a tough time walking due to poor circulation.

I bring this up because when my father was younger he didn’t take care of his body like he should have.

I have learned a valuable lesson from my father. The lesson I learned was to take care of myself before this happens to me.

Ever since the surgery I lost close to 20 pounds and didn’t realize I was losing it until multiple people told me. All I did was change my eating habits & started to exercise. I stopped eating beef; pork and occasionally I eat chicken. When I crave for junk food I am careful how much I eat. This was a lifestyle change for me so because I didn’t call it dieting I didn’t pay attention to the weight I lost. I just wanted to be healthy more so then shedding the pounds.

I guess you are asking what does this have to do with business. Well it has a lot to do with business. As a business owner we can’t always afford health insurance so we must take care of our bodies by preventive care. You can’t run a business if you are laying in a hospital and those hospital bills can eat most if not all your profits, especially if you don’t have heath insurance. Of course if you are not on someone’s health plan you should look into getting your own. You never know what can happen.

Bridget Harris
Just giving you something to think about.
Don’t be a slave to the clock and spend more time with the ones you love.

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