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Xbox One Summer Update rolls out with even deeper Windows 10 ties

Xbox One Summer Update rolls out with even deeper Windows 10 ties

The Summer Update started rolling out on Saturday for Xbox One users, and with it comes deeper formation with Microsoft’s wider Windows 10 universe. The Xbox started rocking Windows 10 underpinnings in late 2015, though now a console is removing facilities that move it closer to a PC, tablet, and smartphone counterparts.

The initial large further is a voice-activated Cortana digital assistant, that works likewise on a console as it does on PCs and phones. There are Xbox-specific features, however, such as a ability to find new games, start a party, and spin on a Xbox One (if we have a Kinect).

Microsoft also done a initial of several moves that will move a Xbox Store and a Windows Store closer together. It’s not utterly a large understanding yet, though in a entrance weeks Microsoft will open adult a Xbox One to third-party apps, permitting we to run concept Windows 10 apps on a console, such as VLC

The Summer Update also brings a underlying tech a Xbox One needs for a new Xbox Play Anywhere program. Microsoft’s cross-play underline creates name games playable on both PC and a Xbox One, with your diversion saves following we opposite a dual devices. Play Anywhere is approaching to go live on Tuesday, Sep 13.

On tip of that, after a Anniversary Update rolls out on Aug 2, Windows 10 PC games will get their possess hubs on Xbox Live. This will concede Xbox and PC gamers to see what their friends are personification on a other platform, and share screenshots and clips with any other. Microsoft says we will also be means to have celebration chats with friends opposite PC and Xbox “no matter what they’re doing.”

Microsoft is also vouchsafing gamers buy equipment such as bundles, deteriorate passes, diversion add-ons, and DLC for Xbox Live games by a Windows Store on PCs with a Anniversary Update installed.

PC gamers are also removing a few Xbox niceties. After a Anniversary Update, a Game Bar in a Xbox app will support 60fps recording when we set your peculiarity environment to “Very High.” The Game Bar will also have full-screen support in 6 some-more games, including League of Legends, World of Warcraft, DOTA 2, Battlefield 4, Counterstrike: Global Offensive, and Diablo III.

Finally, there’s a new mobile Xbox app accessible for Android and iOS.

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