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Wounded Syrians: Eliminate Hezbollah

Wounded Syrians: Eliminate Hezbollah

Dozens of Syrians bleeding in their country’s polite fight and now hospitalized in a Ziv Medical Center in Safed are blaming Hezbollah for a stream predicament in their home country. The patients contend that Israel contingency act conflicting sources in Syria in sequence to take out a Assad regime and Hezbollah. “There is disharmony in Syria, no one knows who’s adult conflicting whom,” one said, a week after Hezbollah commander Jihad Mughniyeh and a series of other members of a organisation were killed in a strike on a Syrian border, allegedly undertaken progressing this month by Israel.



Hussam, a 27-year-old from Damscus, worked as an electrician in Quneitra. He was on his proceed home when a rocket exploded subsequent to him, exceedingly wounding him. “It’s all a large disaster in Syria. Every time a rebels proceed a certain area, Assad’s army starts to conflict all a areas tranquil by a rebels,” he says. “Hezbollah causes us some-more problems than solutions. We will grasp assent usually if Hezbollah pulls back. Since a commencement of a war, they have been enchanting in acts of crime and assassinating group on a ground.”


Wounded Syrian receives diagnosis in Israeli sanatorium (Archive photo: Elad Gershgoren)


One of a wounded, who had no hit with his family given his attainment to Israel, said: “I wish to go to Syria to tell them about a extraordinary diagnosis we perceived in Israel. The doctors are treating us only as they provide Israeli patients,” he said.


“It done me change my mind about Israel and wish for peace,” he added. “We were taught that Israel is a rivalry of Syria and all Arab countries. Now that we stayed here, we trust a conflicting is true; Israel is improved than other Arab countries, that don’t acknowledge bleeding people. we wish to appreciate a Israeli supervision for a help.”


Hussam also spoke about a heartless diagnosis of women in Syria. “The Assad regime arrests women and a soldiers rape them. The soldiers do as they greatfully since they know no one will reason them accountable,” he claims. “Female prisoners are forced to purify while totally naked.”


Ahmed (18) from Daraa in southwestern Syria, was bleeding in a leg from shots dismissed while he was on his proceed home from school. He does not remember anything from a incident, and pronounced that all he knows is that he woke adult in an Israeli hospital. “I’m blissful we arrived here. In Jordan, they would have amputated my leg,” he says.


Jihad Mughniyeh (Photo: Associated Press)


“They are all murdering any other. we wish that all ends shortly since we’re ill of it. There’s an conflict each day, and some areas are underneath consistent attack. The Assad regime uses all means during a ordering to annoy a Syrian people. Hezbollah helps a regime, and helps them stay in power. If it weren’t for Hezbollah, this would have finished prolonged ago.”


Despite now being in Israel, a bleeding Syrians closely follow a news from their home country. Weighing in on a assassination of Jihad Mughniyeh and reports of Israeli strikes in Syria, one said: “It’s a good step, Hezbollah should be eliminated. They have to leave Syria. we am not informed with a claims that Israel is assisting a rebels, though we support any kind of team-work that will expostulate Hezbollah out of Syria.


Another Syrian bleeding in a fight and now hospitalized in Israel, said: “No one is happy with what Hezbollah is doing. They are assisting to kill Syrian civilians,” she said. “They should have forgiveness on us and stop with a rockets”


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