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World’s Strangest Gravestones

World’s Strangest Gravestones

Gravestone is very important because it shows who is lying inside the tomb. The headstone tells the living’s sentiments towards the dead. The dead will feel definitely satisfied if their headstone looks nice. Understanding the importance of having a beautiful headstone to express the respect to the ill-fated person, most people want to design a wonderful headstone for their beloved. And many people has prepared for their deaths by designing their own headstone. There are many different kinds of headstones built in the world. However, you will feel amazing with headstones in the following photos because they are extremely strange. Let’s see and consider what you like!


Although this person passed away, he still wants to chat with friends.


The gravestone looks like a mobile phone.


The owner of this tomb seemed to have sense of humorous when putting three stooges on his tomb with the sentence “Laugh. Don’t weep. It feels better”


The funny gravestone is located at the New Buffalo, Michigan cemetery


The gravestone takes its inspiration from a light bulb


Have you ever seen a headstone like this?


A husband and wife was buried in the same tomb, and their statues were turned into unique gravestone.


This headstone looks so cute and funny.


Another automobile’s fan turned the car into his gravestone.


A Hello Kitty gravestone is sold at $ 1,700 in Tokyo.



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