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World Cup pre-game: Brazil vs. Chile

World Cup pre-game: Brazil vs. Chile

Brazil vs. Chile

  • 12 p.m. ET, Saturday, Jun 28 
  • CBC TV, streaming online during

What’s during stake

It’s now flattering elementary – win and we go through, remove and we go home. But a Brazilian hosts have combined vigour on their shoulders.

The leader here plays a leader of Colombia vs. Uruguay.

Brazil owns a Round of 16 when it comes to personification Chile. Four years ago in Johannesburg they won 3-0. Brazil also came on tip in a Round of 16 in 1998, winning 4-1.

Impact players

Brazil; Neymar. He is tied for a contest lead in scoring with four goals. And he leads a hopes of his republic into this critical match.

Chile: Eduardo Vargas. This brazen has one idea and one assist, and he played a large purpose in promulgation Spain home.

What to watch for

Brazil has clearly changed past their initial stumbles opposite Croatia and Mexico. They were impossibly accurate opposite Cameroon – 18 of 19 shots were on aim – and they converted 4 of them. Look for some-more quick transitions and lots of shots.

By contrast, Chile started off clever in a organisation stage, though their corruption wilted in their third game. They had usually one shot on aim (out of 7 in total) in losing 2-0 to a Netherlands. They need to find a target, while also shutting down Neymar and his associate shooters.

They pronounced it

“Neymar is a good player. He brought behind a sorcery of a Brazilian player. He’s vouchsafing us dream about carrying a Brazilian as a best actor in a universe again.” Brazilian defender David Luiz vocalization to reporters about his teammate.

“Beating Brazil? That’s a dream. Chile can emanate a surprise. We’ve beaten a universe champions, so we can kick Brazil.” Chile’s Arturo Vidal, who was complacent opposite a Netherlands, vocalization to

The large number

9 — Thomas Muller won a Golden Boot in 2010 with 5 goals and 3 assists. By comparison, Neymar had 4 goals (but no assists) in a organisation theatre alone. He’s on gait to measure 9 goals if his group done it to a final match.

Obligatory fun fact

Vargas scored his initial rival general idea in a 4-2 win over Peru in 2011 during a qualifier for a 2014 World Cup. He finished subordinate as Chile’s tip scorer with 5 goals.

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