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Woman ditches diets, loses 160 pounds

Woman ditches diets, loses 160 pounds

(CNN) –

Teena Henson’s “journey to life” began with a journal ad.

She remembers wishing they had an Anytime Fitness in her hometown of Gilmer, Texas. She privately wanted to join Anytime Fitness since it is open 24/7 and is done for group and women of all levels of fitness.

“Then there was an ad in a internal paper that Anytime Fitness was opening,” she said. “It was like, ‘Here it is; it’s in your hands. Now, what are we going to do with it?’ ”

Determined to get herself on a right track, Henson sealed adult during a gym while it was still underneath construction.

It was Mar 2011; Henson was 5-foot-4 and 332 pounds. She knew that her bad diet and loitering were not a trail to a long, healthy life. She didn’t humour from any critical health problems, though her relatives and 3 brothers were all diabetic so she knew a intensity consequences.

Henson, 54, is really tighten with her family. Loved ones, generally her mom, would mostly proceed her with concerns about her health, revelation her she should remove weight.

“I consider a comparison we got, a some-more endangered my mom became since she knew she wouldn’t be there to take caring of me,” Henson says. “She was my No. 1 believer on my devise to practice and remove weight.”

In a past, Henson would put herself on diets to make everybody happy, though they wouldn’t final long.

There was an unconstrained array of rules, from eating zero though grapefruits to zero though carbs, until she satisfied that “diets” only weren’t for her.

“For me, ‘diet’ is a four-letter word for failure,” she said.

What she was looking for was a lifestyle change. And not since her friends and family wanted it for her, though since she wanted it for herself.

With Anytime Fitness’ hours, Henson had no difficulty anticipating time to work out. She goes to a gym each day after work for anywhere from 30 mins to an hour. She even combined a mantra:

“I have a enterprise to work out. we keep a integrity to work out. we combined a fortify to work out, and we select to work out.”

What she struggled with many was changing her eating habits.

She started by slicing out soothing drinks and forsaken 18 pounds in a initial month.

Her mom, famous as Mama Henson to many of Henson’s friends, cheered her on daily and was vehement to see her daughter start to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

“Every day she would ask me, ‘How most we remove today?’ we would giggle and say, ‘Mom, we can’t remove each day.’ But she would tell me that we was perplexing and that’s all that matters,” pronounced Henson.

After slicing out soda, Henson started creation healthier food choices.

She continued to eat during quick food restaurants since it was convenient, switching out boiled duck for grilled, a side of fries for a side salad.

By Dec 2011, Henson was down 64 pounds and healthier than ever. Unfortunately, her mom’s health was deteriorating. Mama Henson had suffered several seizures and mini-strokes that exceedingly enervated her.

Henson’s healthier lifestyle would assistance yield a mental and earthy strength she would need in a final months caring for her mother.

Two months before her mom died, Henson remembers walking into a residence after a workout. She had mislaid 100 pounds during this point. Her mom looked adult during her and said, “You’re pretty.”

“We both only started crying,” Henson said. “I don’t have a idea because she pronounced it; it was a noted moment.”

Mama Henson upheld divided in Aug 2012.

Whenever Henson loses steer of because she’s operative out or skipping sweets, she thinks of her mom’s grin and how most she wanted her daughter to be happy.

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