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William Shatner articulate with ‘Star Trek 3’ executive about appearing in film

William Shatner articulate with ‘Star Trek 3’ executive about appearing in film

Actors William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy giggle during an speak for a 40th anniversary of a science-fiction radio array ‘Star Trek’ in Los Angeles Aug 9, 2006. (Reuters)

“Star Trek” competence be a subsequent limit for William Shatner — again.

Shatner, who played a strange James T. Kirk, says he’s assembly shortly with Roberto Orci, who’s directing “Star Trek 3,” to plead reprising his Kirk in a rebooted franchise.

“I had a speak with him a other day,” says Shatner. “So there’s speak — simply speak — about a subsequent movie.”

Shatner has pronounced J.J. Abrams, who constructed and destined a 2009 “Star Trek” film and 2013 sequel, recently called to contend Orci had an thought about how Shatner competence be in a subsequent film of a new franchise, that stars Chris Pine as Capt. Kirk.

Shatner says he would do a film if it’s a suggestive part, “a purpose that had something to do with a branch of a plot.” Still, a 83-year-old actor says he’s not certain how they’d move him behind now — 20 years after his impression was killed off in “Star Trek: Generations.”

“That was so prolonged ago. How do they move me behind physically like this? we don’t know,” he says.

Shatner isn’t watchful around to find out. He stars in and produces a home restoration array “The Shatner Project,” that premieres on a DIY Network on Thursday (10 p.m. EDT). The six-episode array follows Shatner and his wife, Elizabeth, as they revamp a Southern California home he bought 50 years ago.

He says permitting cameras into their home was a “terrible” experience, though he’s happy with a result.

Shatner is also conceptualizing a motorcycle, a wardrobe line, a new kind of comic book, stability his ads and his “Brown Bag Wine Tasting” webisodes — and has 3 films due out.

Ask him about retirement and he says, “What does timid mean? It means we wish to step behind from what you’re doing and do something else that’s some-more interesting.” With a smile, Shatner adds, “I’m in a center of such a fertile, feverish anticipation that anybody would wish for what I’m doing.”

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