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Will A Kodak Android Phone Be Something Worth Buying?

Will A Kodak Android Phone Be Something Worth Buying?


December 27, 2014

Android is literally everywhere in a universe market, there are a engorgement of inclination to select from on all corners of a globe. From vast good famous companies like Samsung, LG, Sony, HTC and Motorola to tiny obtuse famous companies (on U.S. shores) like Blu, Meziu, Oppo and Xiaomi. Now there’s another name throwing their shawl into a Android ring, Kodak. But is a Kodak Android phone going to be something people will wish to buy?

It wasn’t that prolonged ago (at slightest in my mind) that Kodak was one of a many good famous brands on a universe and positively in a United States. we remember pushing adult to a small Kodak one day imitation finishing store in a center of a supermarket parking lot with my relatives to dump off a rolls of film for developing, that was something! Back afterwards Kodak was an management in consumer film and cameras and people devoted a code like people trust Google or Apple today. But times have changed, film has all though died and a Kodak name has scarcely died with it.

Now Kodak is partnering with Bullitt Group to emanate their unequivocally initial incursion into a smartphone universe and a cameras inside those smartphones. Bullitt Group already partners and creates a line of imperishable Android smartphones with a CAT branding on them that they showed off during CES 2014. This year Bullitt is anticipating to take a Kodak code and use it to marketplace Android powered smartphones that are built around photography.

“Kodak is one of a world’s many recognizable brands. It is devoted by consumers as a marque of peculiarity and innovation,” says Oliver Schulte, CEO Bullitt Mobile. “We’ve taken that birthright and used it to enthuse a operation of beautifully designed inclination that will let users take good cinema and edit, share, store and imitation them in an instant.”

The thought seems plain and maybe there is a marketplace there. But does a Kodak name reason adequate weight to interpret to sales for Bullitt? There are already a far-reaching accumulation of services by existent apps and phones that will do what Bullitt and Kodak are proposing to do. In an already swarming marketplace of Android powered smartphones, what does Kodak unequivocally have to offer that would make someone select them over Motorola, Samsung, HTC or Nexus? We wish to find out during CES 2015 as we transport there in only about a week.

What do we consider of a Kodak Android Phone? Let us know in a comments next or on Google+, Facebook or Twitter.

  Source: PR Newswire

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