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Why You Need to Download a New Apple TV Remote App

Why You Need to Download a New Apple TV Remote App

As a longtime Apple TV owner—and someone who has mislaid a little remote on some-more occasions than I’d like to admit—I’ve also used a Apple TV remote app on iOS for a prolonged time and mostly been undone by some of a underwhelming features. Luckily, there’s something many improved now available.



launched a new Apple TV Remote app to iOS users on Monday. The app is indeed a apart app from a remote app users competence have formerly used to control their Apple TV, so it’ll need a new download instead of usually an update.

Regardless, a app, that Apple touted progressing this year during a Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) is a must-have for anyone who doesn’t wish to reason a earthy controller in-hand to navigate by a Apple TV interface.

The initial thing users will notice is that a interface is totally different, featuring a black pattern that stands in sheer contrariety to a much-brighter predecessor.

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Once booted up, a app automatically connects to second-, third-, and fourth-generation Apple TV units. In my case, a app automatically found my units and connected to them over Wi-Fi for present control. Then we was means to select that of my dual Apple TVs to control.

Upon selecting my Apple TV, we was brought to a elementary shade where we could click a vast Menu button, postponement and play content, entrance a home screen, and ask Siri for all kinds of things, including cinema to watch, songs to listen to, and more. we was also means to toggle on a Game Mode to get full touchscreen-based diversion controls on my iPhone.

Perhaps many importantly, sport for letters to submit is now strictly passed in Apple TV. Gone are a days when you’ll be regulating a hardware remote from Apple and need to burst around a letters on shade with a remote’s up, down, left, and right buttons to submit a cue or film title. With a app, we was means to use my voice to hunt for cinema and my iPhone’s practical keyboard if we indispensable to form a password.

Apple’s app isn’t all that opposite from a prototype when examination or listening to content, yet it has some accessible features, like a ability to trifle tracks, fast-forward by a song, and more. In that regard, it’s identical to a prior Apple Remote app, yet usually does it with some-more excellence and palliate of use.

For some-more about a Apple TV, watch:

That said, there were some quirks. For one, Apple should find a approach to confederate Touch ID with a app and tvOS. It would be good to be means to buy an app or download a film and simply use my fingerprint to determine a transaction. The app also crashed once on me, yet I’m not certain if that was an curiosity or something to demeanour out for (I’ve usually been regulating it for 24 hours, after all).

Regardless, a giveaway Apple TV Remote app is a vital jump over a prior Apple remote app, and it’s one I’ll be using. The hardware remote Apple launched final year with a latest Apple TV is good and all, yet it’s no compare for an iPhone given with one of a improved apps Apple has launched in a prolonged time.

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