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Who Wore it Best? Supernatural’s Castiel vs. Constantine’s John Constantine

Who Wore it Best? Supernatural’s Castiel vs. Constantine’s John Constantine

Matt Ryan, Misha Collins, Constantine, SupernaturalJack Rowand/The CW; Quantrell Colbert/NBC

Supernatural fans have seen Castiel, an angel played by Misha Collins, rocking a same outfit for 6 seasons now on a CW strike series. 

The angel with giveaway will has turn famous for his khaki ditch coat, black suit, white symbol down shirt and blue tie. In fact, when he was tellurian for a brief army in deteriorate nine, he was forced to chuck divided his unwashed uniform when he usually had adequate money to buy food and not do his laundry…and fans were not happy saying Cas in regular, tellurian clothes! 

It was like saying Santa rocking blue jeans…aka not flattering during all. 

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Misha Collins, Supernatural, Returning StarsThe CW

But did we know that Castiel’s outfit was not an strange costume? Supernatural creator Eric Kripke indeed formed Castiel’s coat, fit and tie demeanour off of John Constantine, a impression from a renouned DC Comics array Hellblazer.

And now, with NBC’s new show Constantine (also formed off Hellblazer) that usually premiered tonight, there are now going to be two abnormal dudes wearing a accurate same outfit on TV!

Matt Ryan stars as John Constantine in a new comic book show, and we are already spooky with him as a master of a mystic and demon hunter. But given we’re so used to see Castiel in Constantine’s outfit, as we have for a past 6 years, we’re carrying a tough time determining who wears a ditch cloak better!

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Matt Ryan, ConstantineQuantrell Colbert/NBC

So we figured, given not ask Collins and Ryan themselves? And wouldn’t we know it, they both gave a same answer—they any chose themselves!

I haven’t seen it actually, Supernatural,” Ryan told E! News. “But given [John Constantine] was combined in 1985, it’s his signature thing. Since John has been around longer, it’s John Constantine. Has to be.”

When Collins listened what Ryan told us, he sent us a really expressive email with his rebuttal. 

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“Dearest E!

I am essay we given my friends during a NSA sent me a duplicate of [what] Matt Ryan [told] we in that he claims to wear a iconic trench coat/suit/tie trifecta improved than me. we contingency confess, we do not know Mr. Ryan privately and while he apparently is a some-more strapping, more chiseled, improved looking immature male than yours truly, we consider a doubt of who “wears a fit better” is moot. To my mind, this whole doubt is absurd. It’s like seeking that work of art is better? Piccasso’s strange “Seated Woman” or an glorious fake facsimile of a same work. No gourmet would ever severely perform this line of inquiry. The initial would fetch tens of millions during auction, a second competence usually fetch a jail sentence. It’s like comparing a dew-swept grasses on a bluffs of Scotland to a astroturf in a planter during a mini-mall. No lucid chairman would pull a parallel. 

All of that said, some readers competence indicate out that when Castiel was introduced on Supernatural a book described his habit as “a rumpled fit and ditch coat… A la Constantine.” In other words, Castiel’s habit was desirous by—or some-more accurately, stolen from—the comic book chronicle of Constantine. we don’t get bogged down in these pardonable details, though.


Well, given these dual couldn’t agree, we’re still stuck. That’s given we’re opening a building to you! Vote in a check next to let us know who we consider wears a ditch cloak better: Cas or Constantine?

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Also, let us know what we suspicion of Constantine’s array premiere!

Supernatural airs Tuesdays during 9 p.m. on a CW, and Constantine airs Fridays during 10 p.m. on NBC.

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