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What we schooled in Week 4: Les Miles’ time during LSU has run out after latest gaffe

What we schooled in Week 4: Les Miles’ time during LSU has run out after latest gaffe

What a approach for Les Miles to finish his
LSU Tigers
career. Les Miles constructed a many Les Miles finish ever Saturday night — that’s observant something — and it’s going to finally cost him his job.

Because let’s be honest: It’s over from here on out. The usually doubt is a death date. Twelve years of mostly good happening with time mismanagement came home to roost as LSU botched a detriment seconds of a detriment to
Auburn Tigers
, that won though scoring a touchdown.

LSU squandered altered time as seconds ticked off. The Tigers didn’t have a receiver set, ensuing in a penalty. LSU didn’t snap a round in time before a time expired, wiping out a winning touchdown pass.

College football in Sep is Miles and Gus Malzahn both celebrating on a same margin a win they any desperately needed. That’s a wise approach to finish this initial month.

Remember when Charlie Strong was carried on his players’ shoulders after violence
Notre Dame Fighting Irish
in Week 1? That feels like ages ago —
Texas Longhorns
and Notre Dame are 2-3 given that diversion — and should offer as a healthy sign of this college football truism: Championships aren’t won in September, they’re usually lost.

Booed off a margin during halftime down 21-3, Butch Jones destined a
Tennessee Volunteers
rope to a delivery of “Rocky Top” after a outrageous 38-28 win over Florida. A detriment would have caused fans to doubt a instruction of a program. Now, it’s a win that could offer as a springboard to larger moments in 2016.

Florida Gators
— not Tennessee for once — suffered a meltdown to finish a Gators’ 11-game winning strain in a series, Jones sprinted onto a margin while screaming and pumping his fists. He survived September. He was one of a advantageous coaches.

Ask Brian Kelly, Clay Helton, Bob Stoops, Mark Helfrich, Jimbo Fisher, Hugh Freeze, Jim Mora Jr. and Miles how badly they wish a Sep do-over. Three preseason tip 10 teams already have during slightest dual waste (
Oklahoma Sooners
, Notre Dame and LSU), and another one (
Florida State Seminoles
) mislaid by 43 points. A sum of 7 preseason tip 25 teams already have during slightest dual defeats (Oklahoma, LSU, Notre Dame, Ole Miss,
Southern California Trojans
Oregon Ducks
UCLA Bruins

Kelly and Helton any are 1-3, definition there competence be Sun Bowl implications when preseason No. 10 Notre Dame and preseason No. 20 USC accommodate on Nov. 26. This is usually a second time in a past 50 years that Notre Dame and USC any suffered 3 waste in September.

Duke Blue Devils
, a 21-point loser after waste to
Wake Forest Demon Deacons
Northwestern Wildcats
, went into South Bend, Indiana, and kick Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish invulnerability has authorised 134 points — a many in propagandize story by 4 games. It’s adequate to means Kelly to consternation out shrill either a Irish truly are fighting.

“There’s no passion for it,” Kelly told reporters. “It looks like it’s tough to play. Like we’re pulling teeth. You’re personification football for Notre Dame. It looks like it’s work. Last we checked, they were removing a grant to play this game. There’s no fun, there’s no enjoyment, there’s no energy.”

After throwing his players underneath a bus, Kelly did indicate a finger during himself, too. “I contingency be doing a bad job. I’ve got to do a improved pursuit of anticipating out what those things are that are putting a football group in that position.”

At Oregon, Helfrich leaves Sep with a same concerns about his invulnerability notwithstanding Brady Hoke as a new defensive coordinator.
Colorado Buffaloes
— Colorado! — won in Eugene. The Ducks mislaid uninterrupted games for a initial time given 2007. They’re 2-2 in Sep for a second true year, something that hadn’t happened given 2004.

USC started 1-3 for a initial time given 2001 and has mislaid 6 of a past 7 games opposite Power Five opponents. After rallying to kick USC,
Utah Utes
now has as many Pac-12 wins as a Trojans given 2014. While it’s still early, it’s not out of a doubt to consternation either Helton will be a one-year manager given Lynn Swann, USC’s new jaunty director, did not sinecure him.

Paging Tom Herman to USC? Or competence LSU call first?

Auburn 18, LSU 13 feels like Mark Richt’s nauseous detriment to Florida final year. It’s a impulse everybody finally realizes it’s time for a purify mangle though too many tough feelings for a unequivocally successful coach.

Miles survived a manoeuvre final year and has meant a lot to a Baton Rouge community. The wish was LSU would finally furnish a efficient flitting game. Instead, former
Purdue Boilermakers
Danny Etling
threw 27 passes for usually 118 yards on Saturday. Some of his passes looked like they were dictated for Auburn defensive backs.

This was a year LSU indispensable to contest for a playoff mark though spendthrift special using behind
Leonard Fournette
. Now a Tigers mislaid dual games in Sep notwithstanding usually permitting one touchdown in those defeats.

“You can’t start a play in reduction than dual seconds,” Miles pronounced of a crazy Auburn finish.

Maybe not. But we can put a spike in a coffin of a long, circuitous tour in that volume of time.

Les Miles is all though finished during LSU.

What we schooled this week

1. Tennessee is a SEC East leader: It can’t be farfetched how staggering a Vols’ quip was over Florida. Tennessee still has flaws. The reshuffling descent line has issues, and a invulnerability is banged up. But if Joshua Dobbs can chuck a round a approach he did in a second half, Tennessee will be a tough out. Dobbs started a diversion 1 of 8 for 12 yards. He afterwards went 15 of 24 for 307 yards and 4 touchdowns.

Tennessee defensive coordinator Bob Shoop radically got hired to kick Florida, and it paid off. The Vols’ invulnerability eventually won a game, holding a Gators to 100 yards in a second half after they racked adult 302 yards before halftime.

Georgia Bulldogs
got unprotected in a 45-14 beatdown by Ole Miss, that finally hold onto a vast lead after blown Sep games to Florida State and
Alabama Crimson Tide
. Florida now has a loss. Tennessee contingency still tarry during Georgia, during Texas AM and home vs. Alabama over a subsequent 3 weeks. But there’s now discernible justification Tennessee is prepared to take a subsequent step to spin a genuine SEC East contender.

Wisconsin Badgers
is many improved than expected:
Quickly name a initial group this deteriorate with dual top-10 wins. That would be Wisconsin, that done a major matter by routing
Michigan State Spartans
30-6 on a highway with a miserly invulnerability and potency by beginner quarterback
Alex Hornibrook
in his initial start. Along with a win over LSU, a Badgers have dual top-10 victories in one deteriorate for a initial time given 1964. (Yeah, LSU isn’t a top-10 team, though that’s what a polls pronounced during a time.)

Wisconsin’s invulnerability hasn’t missed a kick given losing defensive coordinator Dave Aranda to LSU. Justin Wilcox’s section has usually authorised 3 touchdowns in 4 games. The Badgers forced 4 turnovers opposite Michigan State, that suffered a misfortune Big Ten detriment given 2010 and many unilateral home better given 2009.

Sure, it could spin out both LSU and Michigan State simply aren’t that good. The highway gets even worse over a five-week widen for Wisconsin. Still to come: during
Michigan Wolverines
, vs.
Ohio State Buckeyes
, during
Iowa Hawkeyes
, vs.
Nebraska Cornhuskers
. But Paul Chryst and his staff merit a lot of credit for Wisconsin’s 4-0 start. Given a undefeated starts by Wisconsin and Nebraska, maybe a Big Ten West is balancing out a small compared to a East.

Stanford Cardinal
still owns UCLA:
Poor UCLA. The Bruins finally callous themselves adult physically and mentally to plea Stanford, and a Cardinal still extended their array winning strain to 9 games. This wasn’t like a annoying beatdowns of past years.

Stanford didn’t measure a touchdown until a detriment seconds of a 22-13 win. While trailing late,
David Shaw
strangely burnt 39 seconds to run a time down, took a timeout and inaugurated to punt on fourth-and-1. The peculiar preference still paid off.
Ryan Burns
connected with
JJ Arcega-Whiteside
for a winning touchdown on a illusory throw-and-catch. That was a initial career locate for Arcega-Whiteside, who had never played until Saturday.

The Bruins finally got absolved of observant
Kevin Hogan
and another Stanford quarterback rose to a arise late. UCLA still hasn’t beaten a top-10 group given 2010. The Bruins, that have waste to Texas AM and Stanford, can take some comfort that they competence be a best 2-2 group in America.

4. Gus Malzahn is no longer job plays: With Auburn’s offense struggling, Malzahn done a fascinating preference to keep your eyes on. He incited over play-calling duties wholly to descent coordinator Rhett Lashlee. “I’ve been unequivocally disposition toward that for dual weeks now,” Malzahn said. “I need to be a conduct coach, and that’s what I’m going to be.”

But since now? Malzahn entered a deteriorate observant he indispensable to be some-more concerned as a manager and reduction of a CEO. After one month, that has changed? columnist Kevin Scarbinsky wrote a decision “may have been a absolute idea from an romantic upholder with a intensity finish diversion of bringing in Art Briles during a finish of a season” as descent coordinator.

The theory: Either Lashlee improves a offense and stays or Malzahn separates himself from a offense to stay as manager by adding his crony Briles. Former Auburn descent coordinator Jack Crowe, who is still heavily connected within a program, pennyless a news of Lashlee job plays and cryptically tweeted: “Desperation. Assistant coaches not pawns. Scapegoating is disaster of leadership.” It’s never a lifeless impulse when Auburn is losing.

Score of a day

Western Illinois 28,
Northern Illinois Huskies
23. Remember when Northern Illinois was a heavenly of college football a integrate years ago? The Huskies have been a best MAC module for years, though they’ve now mislaid 7 true games dating to final deteriorate and a feverishness competence spin adult on manager Rod Carey. Northern Illinois fell behind 28-7 after 3 buliding to an FCS team. That’s not a good look.

Stat of a day

Five FBS teams haven’t trailed in a diversion all season, according to ESPN Stats Info:
Memphis Tigers
, Miami (FL),
San Diego State Aztecs
Boise State Broncos
Louisville Cardinals
. we think Louisville will tumble off this list subsequent week and route during some indicate during
Clemson Tigers
. But
Lamar Jackson
keeps rolling. He has 1,301 flitting yards, 510 rushing yards and 25 sum touchdowns in 11 buliding played this season.

What was he thinking?

In respect of Miles’ latest time government cluster, let’s revisit dual identical gaffes. Here was Miles’ disaster in a detriment to Ole Miss in 2009, and here was Miles impossibly botching a time and violence Auburn in 2007. Clock government won’t be a same in a SEC though you, Les.

Quote of a week

“The steep is pulling that truck, baby.” — Tennessee manager Butch Jones on CBS after a Vols snapped their 11-game losing strain to Florida

Gators cornerback
Quincy Wilson
guaranteed a win this week since “nobody has ever seen a steep lift a truck. Florida Gators are going to win, elementary as that.”

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