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What they’re thinking: Motivating millennials some-more about village than politics

What they’re thinking: Motivating millennials some-more about village than politics

Erin Jordan

The Gazette

IOWA CITY — Kyra Seay shies divided from being called a domestic person, though she’s not bashful about revelation her peers — millennials — they should get concerned in their communities.

Seay, 24, a University of Iowa connoisseur who does investigate and vital formulation for a UI’s Chief Diversity Office, is one of 3 people who will give brief TED-style talks during a Political Party, an Oct. 7 travel celebration in downtown Iowa City.

The event, that also facilities giveaway drink and live music, is directed during enchanting immature people in volunteering, voting and using for office. Seay concluded to give us a preview of her talk, “Dear youth, a energy is yours.”

Q: What do we do for a UI’s Chief Diversity Office?

A: “I do a lot of investigate around communication, vital initiatives and flattering most programs in ubiquitous about how we can improved be connected to a university village and a village during large. we put on programs that assistance build village and make it a some-more thorough space. For example, we was a lead for a Iowa Edge Program, that is for first-generation students.”

Q: One of your college degrees was in entrepreneurship and amicable innovation. Do we say those connections?

A: “I’m all for entrepreneurship as good as enlivening folks who come from backgrounds we don’t mostly see in business. we get to work on artistic programs for students of tone to inspire them in entrepreneurship. The care over in a business college are mentors of cave and have been for a prolonged time.”

Q: Give us a hide look into your talk.

A: “I’m unequivocally going to use my tour as a springboard to speak about lenient yourself and others to rivet and be wakeful and make a difference. I’ll substantially speak a small bit about saying yourself as a leader, either or not we reason some arrange of title. Although we cruise people should be prepared voters, we don’t have to know all before we put your chip on a table.”

Q: To what grade do we cruise yourself a domestic person?

A: “I don’t cruise myself a domestic person. we cruise myself a member of this society, this community. We have systems in place that are domestic and we rivet in those to a grade to make my voice heard, though we don’t cruise myself a domestic person, per se. That’s what’s unequivocally cold about a Political Party, since it’s mouth-watering people to convene around a issues that matter.”

Q: What issues do we cruise comparison domestic parties for millennials?

A: “Millennials are feeling a onslaught around profitable for preparation and a onslaught around entrance to education. But a answer, a solution, might be different. There are things that are some-more applicable and a front-burner for millennials: education, indignity and secular profiling or eremite profiling and gun policy.”

Q: What does it take to get — and keep — millennials concerned in politics?

A: “We are a moving, respirating different organisation of people with a accumulation of experiences. Something that we know does work is engaging. No millennial wants to hear from someone who can’t bond or who they’ve never seen before tell them what they want. It’s some-more about discourse and investment. When millennials get dismissed up, they are ardent changemakers.”

If we go

What: The Political Party, a nonpartisan, outside eventuality to boost county rendezvous among immature people.

When: 7:30-10 p.m. Oct. 7.

Where: Dubuque Street, between Iowa Avenue and Jefferson Street, in downtown Iowa City.

Cost: Free, initial 75 people 21 and over get a giveaway beer

RSVP: Organizers would like people to register if they devise to attend. Go to and hunt for Political Party in Iowa City subsequent month.

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