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Waterproof HTC Re Camera Now On Sale At $150 Off Its Normal Price In U.S.

Waterproof HTC Re Camera Now On Sale At $150 Off Its Normal Price In U.S.

HTC has launched a periscope-shaped Re Camera a while back, though a $199 cost tab didn’t attract too many customers. The association has now slashed $150 (75 percent) off a normal cost of a gadget, as a waterproof camera is now accessible during a lowest cost ever true from HTC’s U.S. online store.
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The HTC Re Camera is now accessible during a large discount, shedding $150 off a unchanging price. The tool is now accessible for only $50, directly from HTC.

The association announced a standalone HTC Re Camera a while back, teasing it as a “remarkable small camera” that can offer as a good companion. HTC boasted that a handheld camera is compact, fun and easy to use, streaming all to a users’ phone to they can simply revise photos and share them with only one press of a button.

The HTC Re Camera has a unique design and it is indeed good for easy one-handed operation, though it takes most some-more than that to captivate intensity business divided from Sony or GoPro cameras. HTC doesn’t have a same repute as Sony and GoPro when it comes to cameras. Thus, a Re Camera wasn’t accurately a outstanding strike during $199.

The new 75 percent discount, however, could remonstrate some-more intensity buyers to give a HTC Re Camera a shot. At only $50, a tool could even validate as an incentive buy, and it would still expected attract some-more business than it did during a unchanging cost point.

The HTC Re Camera is available from HTC’s U.S. online store in several tone options: white, blue, orange and teal. To serve pacify a deal, a association is also throwing in giveaway shipping with a purchase.

As a reminder, a HTC Re Camera is waterproof (up to 1 scale underwater), has a 16-megapixel sensor with a 146-degree wide-angle lens, a microSD label container for storing a photos and videos it captures, and offers some neat functionality. The periscope-shaped camera works with both iOS and Android apps and pairs even with non-Android smartphones for viewfinder functionality and easy transfers.

It stays misleading either HTC is requesting a same bonus to a Re Camera in other countries as well, or either a $150 cost cut is juts for a U.S. Either way, a new $50 cost tab allows for poignant assets and outlines a lowest cost yet. Amazon recently ignored a device as well, though it still costs around $100. Best Buy, meanwhile, is offered a Re Camera for $150, so HTC’s offer is now a best one.



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