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Watch Katy Perry Vote Naked in Funny or Die Sketch

Watch Katy Perry Vote Naked in Funny or Die Sketch

Katy Perry teamed adult with comedy website Funny or Die in a bit to inspire immature people to vote. “This year, we can demeanour like shit when we vote,” Perry said. “I’ve quickly scanned a constitution, and nowhere does it contend we only can’t tumble out of bed and come to a polls in whatever state we woke adult in.”

In a clip, Perry shows a United States doesn’t distinguish opposite conform emergencies as she goes to opinion in her pajamas and applauds those who arrive in nightgowns, onesies, briefs and oversize t-shirts. In a fit of enthusiasm, a thespian goes one step further, attempting to opinion naked, during that that indicate she is arrested. She ends adult in a behind of a patrolman cruiser along with another would-be-nude voter, Joel McHale.

The shave is partial of Funny or Die’s “Everyone Votes” campaign. “Given a perfect numbers and passion on vicious issues, immature electorate are singly positioned to confirm a subsequent president, not to discuss a subsequent era of district attorneys, mayors, sheriffs and others on a list who will establish a destiny in a neighborhoods,” Rock a Vote VP Jesse Moore remarkable in a statement. “We are vehement to group adult with partners like Funny or Die this year to furnish a operation of fun, enchanting and touching messages to titillate voter registration, early voting and a renewed enlightenment of county rendezvous heading adult to Nov 8th.”

Perry has been actively campaigning for Democratic Party claimant Hillary Clinton this choosing season, performing at a Democratic National Convention. “You’ll be only as absolute as any NRA lobbyist,” Perry pronounced onstage. “At a really slightest we can only cancel out your uncanny cousin’s vote.”

Watch Katy Perry soar during a Democratic National Convention.

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