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Wanderlei Silva receives lifetime anathema in Nevada

Wanderlei Silva receives lifetime anathema in Nevada

The Nevada Athletic Commission finally upheld visualisation on former UFC warrior Wanderlei Silva on Tuesday, hammering a recently late aspirant with a lifetime anathema from fighting in Nevada along with a $70,000 excellent for a infraction.

Silva was not benefaction during a elect conference nor was he on a phone to respond to a allegations. In May, Silva skipped out on a commission-sponsored drug exam when he was scheduled to quarrel Chael Sonnen during UFC 175 in Las Vegas.

Silva after certified to skipping out on a exam as good as holding diuretics, that would have resulted in a certain outcome if he would have taken a test.  Diuretics by elect law are a criminialized piece and Silva knew he was going to exam positive.

Because he ran from a test, a elect was looking for a stiffest chastisement probable for his actions. As a result, Silva perceived a lifetime anathema from fighting in Nevada in a unanimous opinion from a Nevada Athletic Commission.

“My offer would be we would permit Mr. Silva with a lifetime ban,” Commissioner Pat Lundvall pronounced during a proceedings.

Since Silva recently retired, a elect wanted to send a clever summary that he will never, ever quarrel in Nevada again even if he does select to lapse to fighting.

In serve to a lifetime ban, Silva perceived a $70,000 fine, that accounts for 35-percent of his final quarrel purse in a UFC ($200,000 salary).

Silva’s profession Ross Goodman attended a assembly on his client’s interest and it’s expected he will record an interest with a courts in Nevada.

Silva’s retirement and successive punishment will expected move a former PRIDE champion’s career to a really unmannerly ending. Silva has done no serve matter given releasing a video final week and according to his profession is now in Brazil.

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