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Viacom’s Next Steps: Does CBS’ Leslie Moonves Hold a Key?

Viacom’s Next Steps: Does CBS’ Leslie Moonves Hold a Key?

With Tom Dooley out and conjecture focused on several would-be leaders, Shari Redstone contingency confirm possibly to make a CEO pursuit appealing to CBS’ vaunted leader.

Does Shari Redstone have a plan?

Now that Tom Dooley has been swept aside after a brief few weeks as Viacom’s halt CEO, will a uneasy company’s house go by a critical hunt inside a association and out for new leadership, as Viacom indicates, or will it merely go by a motions as a buildup to a tough traffic with CBS authority and arch executive Leslie Moonves?

Analysts gaunt towards a latter, and now that a Nov. 15 exit date has been set for Dooley, a time is ticking. Moonves pronounced recently that CBS is not in “active” talks with Viacom about merging a dual companies tranquil by a bum 93-year-old Sumner Redstone and his National Amusements. But as FBR researcher Barton Crockett observes, “That does not order out talks subsequent week or subsequent month.”

Says BTIG researcher Richard Greenfield: “We design a subsequent stairs for National Amusements will be a reunification of Viacom and CBS with Les Moonves bringing on artistic care during both MTV Networks and Paramount that can cure uneasy assets. This is a poignant value origination event for shareholders of both companies.”

If that’s going to happen, it’s transparent Moonves is going to expostulate a tough bargain. Sources contend he has been revelation friends he doesn’t wish to run Viacom, and even if he does, he positively would not wish any notice that CBS stakeholders are being sacrificed to save his company’s beleaguered sibling. “We are never going to do something that is bad for CBS shareholders,” Moonves vowed Sept. 15 during a Bank of America Merrill Lynch Media, Communications Entertainment Conference. That means a reward for CBS shareholders contingency be partial of any deal. And Moonves no doubt would also wish substantial control over a house of a total companies.

For many years, Moonves, 66, was believed to covet Viacom and quite a Paramount film studio, though by now there is good reason for anyone to have misgivings about holding on Viacom. The association has been so discontinued by years of bad care underneath a now-dispatched Philippe Dauman that it has mislaid a lot of a allure. Its wire channels are struggling. Paramount is not usually losing income this year, with disappointments including Zoolander 2 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of a Shadows, though with a thoroughfare of time and a appearance of new technologies, a film business has turn distant some-more challenging.

(Ironically, Time Warner — a association Moonves would covet now, and that would seem to be a ideal fit for him — could be accessible to a right buyer, a unfolding that for decades seemed unimaginable.)

Meanwhile Shari Redstone, 62, has only finished a bruising boardroom conflict to eject Dauman and implement house members of her possess selecting (in theory, with a subsidy of her father, Sumner). The idea that she would keep Dooley in a tip pursuit after his prolonged fondness with Dauman never seemed plausible. Still, Dooley seemed to be holding his purpose severely and some associates believed he hoped to remonstrate a house that he could energise Viacom. The news Wednesday of his departure, effective Nov. 15, took associates by surprise.

Now there is conjecture about other candidates, inside and outward a company, to take Viacom into a future. But all a names to arise so far, from outsiders like former tip Fox executive Peter Chernin to insiders like Bob Bakish, CEO of Viacom International Media Networks, seem to be doubtful possibilities — possibly since they miss seductiveness in a pursuit or since they miss a status to remonstrate a media universe they can solve a company’s problems. The bottom line is that Viacom needs vital surgery, and to many observers on Wall Street and in Hollywood, Moonves is a constrained choice.

Even if a new Viacom house is peaceful to accommodate his each desire, it has to do a due industry and cruise other contenders. And creation it demeanour like that hunt is critical strengthens a palm in a exchange with a savvy CBS chief.

But carrying won a hard-fought conflict for Viacom’s future, it is misleading possibly Shari Redstone and a new house members are prepared to extend Moonves all his wishes. And if he is seeking for too much, a hunt for an choice choice could be serious.

So does Shari Redstone have a plan? “I keep removing churned messages,” says one longtime Viacom critic. “Some contend Les is posturing for a best probable understanding and others say, `No, they’re unequivocally looking.’”

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