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UN condemns assault in Libya

UN condemns assault in Libya

UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations has cursed a latest spate of assault to trouble Libya as unclear gunmen ren­ewed attacks opposite oil installations, withdrawal storage tanks fervent and serve destabilising a confidence situation.

“These attacks are in transparent defilement of UN Security Council resolutions on Libya,” a UNSMIL pronounced in a matter on Sunday. It called for an “immediate hindrance to these attacks.”

“Libyan oil belongs to all a Libyan people and is a country’s mercantile lifeline,” a matter continued. “The Mission reiterates a call on all sides to guarantee Libya’s oil installations and to terminate from any movement that endangers this vital inhabitant asset.”

According to reports, unk­nown assailants pounded Libyan oil installations during a Sidra oil depot on Thursday, igniting 3 storage tanks and murdering some-more than 20 soldiers in a process.

Published in Dawn, Dec 29th, 2014

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