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UFC’s CM Punk Experiment Gets Off to a Painful Start

UFC’s CM Punk Experiment Gets Off to a Painful Start

CM Punk’s new career as an MMA warrior began in a unsatisfactory approach on Saturday.

Punk, aka Phil Brooks, valid no compare for Mickey Gall during UFC 203, as Gall squandered small time holding a former WWE wrestler down and scoring a first-round feat around rear-naked choke.

“In life we go large or go home,” Punk told UFC tone commentator Joe Rogan in a enclosure when it was over. “I usually like to take challenges. This was a ruin of a towering to try to climb. we didn’t get to a limit today, yet that doesn’t meant I’m going to give up. It doesn’t meant I’m going to stop.”

It was unfit to censure Punk—who late from veteran wrestling in early 2014—for wanting to try his palm during legitimate fighting. He has prolonged been a unchanging witness during UFC events, and his adore for a competition has always seemed sincere.

But during scarcely 38 years aged and with no rival jaunty knowledge to pronounce of, it was always impractical to consider he could renovate himself into a UFC-level warrior with reduction than dual years of training.

Gall himself underscored that indicate again and again while creation a media rounds this week. Indeed, Punk’s eagerness to have his first-ever quarrel take place in a UFC had been divisive among fans:

Once a hitch got underway, Gall finished Punk demeanour any bit a rookie he was.

The 24-year-old New Jersey local forsaken low and took Punk down with a double-leg during a bout’s opening moments. From there, he landed complicated shots from inside a ensure until transitioning to Punk’s behind during a scramble.

Gall continued to land winging punches from both sides until Punk non-stop his defenses adequate to concede a throttle attempt. It took dual tries—once with any arm—but Punk eventually tapped out after usually dual minutes, 14 seconds of sum action.

Afterward, Gall, who was creation his second coming in a UFC, used his time on a mic to call out another of a quarrel promotion’s pet projects—Sage Northcutt.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

“This competence [have been] a gimmicky fight, yet I’m no gimmick,” Gall told Rogan. “I’m not going f–king anywhere.”

For Punk, some positives came out of this experience, if we chose to demeanour tough enough.

Gall outclassed him inside a cage, yet a veteran wrestler’s participation alone finished this UFC label feel special.

He flashed his melodramatic chops during a weigh-in, staring Gall down during their faceoff and afterwards grinning to a throng as a other warrior retreated from a stage. When Punk’s walkout song strike inside Quicken Loans Arena in Cleveland, Ohio, it felt like a legitimately cold moment.

The distance of a philharmonic didn’t seem to swallow him, and he seemed some-more vehement than shaken to make his MMA entrance on such a large stage. Again, he grinned and glowered during Gall as he walked to a cage, interlude usually bashful of a Octagon doorway to spin and glow adult a crowd.

The tangible fighting partial of a pursuit still seemed to evade him, yet a climax and party aspects of a quarrel diversion clearly came naturally after so many time spent in a universe of veteran wrestling.

Punk also told Rogan his MMA career won’t be one-and-done.

Josh Hedges/Zuffa LLC/Getty Images

“I’ll be back, trust it or not,” he said. “This is a many fun I’ve ever had in my life … we know there’s a lot of doubters, yet listen, life is about descending down and removing up. It doesn’t matter how many times we get knocked down, it’s about removing behind up.”

To see Punk so fast and simply degraded by Gall was not indispensably a surprise, after all. He came into this hitch as a 3-1 underdog, according to Odds Shark.

Since signing a multifight deal with a UFC in Dec 2014, he relocated from Chicago to Milwaukee to sight during eminent manager Duke Roufus’ gym.

The training footage that emerged as a quarrel drew near—in a form of a documentary miniseries constructed by a UFC and during slightest one live amicable media event—was not impressive. Punk still looked like a prime male who had usually recently taken adult fighting.

He looked, frankly, like a man who would remove a quarrel to any tangible UFC warrior in about dual minutes.

That’s accurately what happened, even yet Gall usually usually qualifies as a “UFC fighter,” notwithstanding looking good in his span of Octagon appearances. The association found him on UFC President Dana White’s internet existence show, Lookin’ for a Fight, and brought him in for a demonstrate purpose of confronting Punk.

Once it’s all pronounced and done, however, it competence spin out it was Gall who used Punk to springboard himself to a successful UFC career, not a other approach around.

It’s anyone’s best theory either Punk will indeed make good on his guarantee to quarrel again. It’s possible, however, that his second quarrel should not be in a UFC. The classification already had to make a special bid to go out and find Gall in sequence to give him a median rival opponent—and things still didn’t go so well.

Is it even probable a UFC could find someone less competent for Punk to quarrel a second time around?

No, it would expected be improved for everybody if Punk’s MMA career proceeded along some-more normal lines from here. If a man has any wish during all of creation himself into a applicable veteran fighter, he should do it on a eccentric circuit.

He should ink a understanding with a smaller graduation and take some lower-profile bouts opposite opponents of his possess knowledge and ability levels. If he is critical adequate about a competition and gifted adequate to fibre a few wins together, afterwards move him behind to a UFC for a second chance.

Otherwise, there’s expected no indicate in him posterior his newfound quarrel career any further.

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