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UFC Fight Night 95 predictions, preview, and analysis

UFC Fight Night 95 predictions, preview, and analysis

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will try to gain on a recognition of longtime womanlike outstanding machine, Cristiane Justino, by mouth-watering her behind to a Octagon for a 140-pound catchweight quarrel conflicting Lina Lansberg, a 5 spin superstar that tops a UFC Fight Night 95 churned martial humanities (MMA) eventuality on FOX Sports 1 tomorrow night (Sat., Sept. 24, 2016) in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Most fans who hang around prolonged past a categorical label start time of 10 p.m. ET are substantially usually there to see “Cyborg” spin a “Elbow Princess” into dust. Along a way, they can also see if Renan Barao has anything left in his quarrel sports career after coughing adult his bantamweight title, afterwards relocating adult to featherweight and dropping his entrance quarrel to Jeremy Stephens.

Elsewhere on a card, a rapidly-deteriorating Antonio Silva will try to equivocate his ninth career knockout detriment when he tangles with a absolute punches of Roy Nelson. “Bigfoot” insists he’s not cleared up, while “Big Country” hasn’t finished large things in a heavyweight multiplication given planishing Brendan Schaub to constraint The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 10 potion trophy.

As for a rest of a card? We’ll get to that in usually a second.

140 lbs.: Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino (16-1, 1 NC) vs. Lina “Elbow Princess” Lansberg (6-1)

Nostradumbass predicts: UFC hates Cristiane Justino given she wouldn’t play by Ronda’s rules, therefore costing a graduation a zillion-dollar payday with a “Rousey vs. Cyborg” super fight. And given a graduation doesn’t have a featherweight division, there is unequivocally no approach to possess her.

Not that it matters, given there aren’t any featherweights out there who can kick her.

So, with that in mind, UFC has opted for Plan B, that is to take this grievous energy puncher and try to make her down to 140 pounds, maybe withdrawal her winded and exposed for a top-tier striker like Lina Lansberg. The “Elbow Princess” is an achieved Muay Thai fighter.

As was Jorina Baars, who kick Justino underneath a Lion Fights ensign in 2014, so maybe Lansberg can do likewise?

Sounds good on paper, though these are MMA manners and “Cyborg” is not a one-trick pony. She is clever adequate to lift Tito Ortiz off a floor and impact him a la Rampage-Arona, hasn’t seen a judges’ scorecards in 6 years, and out-wrestles Olympians in her gangling time.

Then there’s this small stat.

Maybe Lansberg is a warrior to kick her? Justino is positively due for an dissapoint after such a widespread run. But all we have to go on is a Swede’s 6-1 record in MMA opposite universe category talent like a 0-4 Emma “Heavy D” Delaney, or a 5-7 Maria Hougaard Djursaa.

Not accurately a things of legend.

Justino has recycled her satisfactory share of cans, though it would have been good to see a “Elbow Princess” perform opposite an determined maestro like Marloes Coenen. And we theory now is as good a time as any to discuss that Lansberg’s sole improved came by approach of knockout.

That doesn’t leave me with that warm, hairy feeling opposite a barbarous monster like “Cyborg.”

Final prediction: Justino def. Lansberg by technical knockout

145 lbs.: Renan “Barao” Pegado (33-4, 1 NC) vs. Phillipe “Super” Nover (11-6-1)

Nostradumbass predicts: A lot of quarrel fans were already essay a acknowledgment for Renan Pegado after TJ Dillashaw incited him inside out, as a “Viper” radically forced his abdication during 135 pounds. And losing to Jeremy Stephens in his entrance during featherweight — where a some-more forgiving weight cut was approaching to move out a best “Barao” to date — did not assistance his cause.

Let’s not collect out his coffin usually yet.

Watching a Brazilian continue a second-round assault during a hands of “Lil’ Heathen” and still make it an intensely tighten quarrel told me that Pegado’s chin is still there, as is his soul. Both could have been unresolved above Dillashaw’s layer (the waste were that bad) though no, this is still a really dangerous fighter.

How fast some folks forgot about that nine-year dominant streak.

Putting all that aside, a many earnest partial of this fight, during slightest for Pegado, is a fact that he’s fighting Phillipe Nover, whose explain to celebrity was flitting out on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) approach behind in 2008. “Super” was anything though after graduating a quarrel sports existence uncover and was cut shortly thereafter.

A 5-2 record on a informal stage warranted him another demeanour in May 2015 and he’s given left 1-1 — both separate decisions — opposite fighters we never listened of with names we can’t pronounce. His paint-by-numbers offense and controversial belligerent diversion does not leave me feeling overly optimistic.

“Barao” is righteously a -450 favorite.

As distant as Im concerned, this is not a doubt of if a Brazilian will win, though rather when. He’s a improved striker, a improved grappler, and now acclimated to his new home in a 145 bruise weight class. Nover will substantially tarry all 3 rounds though if he does, it’s usually given Pegado is gentle regulating this three-rounder as a live ring session.

Or a elementary certainty booster.

Final prediction: Pegado def. Nover around unanimous decision

265 lbs.: Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (19-9-1) vs. Roy “Big Country” Nelson (21-13)

Nostradumbass predicts: Roy Nelson is not a good fighter. Heck, I’m not certain we would even systematise him as a “good” warrior though nevertheless, he’s still likable, simply given he plays by his possess rules. Those manners are: be fat, take a lot of punches, and spam a right palm until something lands clean.

It works opposite a cream of a crap, like Cheick Kongo, or when burying a mummified stays of Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. But any heavyweight with adequate conduct transformation and a easy bargain of footwork will be means to steep and cover, or simply out-athlete “Big Country.”

It’s given Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic were means to pull him around and collect him apart.

Fortunately for a bearded brawler, he draws a saddest heavyweight in all of quarrel sports. If you told Matt Hamill to container his bags (which would have been stupid given he can’t hear you) though have no problem with a appearance of Antonio Silva tomorrow night in Brazil, let me remind we that “Bigfoot” has been knocked out a towering 7 times in a final 5 years.

And if you’re meditative “well, he upheld his medicals so we theory he’s fine” afterwards yeah, uh … that’s not how CTE works.

I’m not removing on my soapbox here, given this is 2016 and I’m not offered hair tonic or spectacle elixirs, though Silva has looked so impossibly delayed over his past few contests and so easy to hit, that he’s fundamentally a walking, articulate boardwalk game.

Which means Nelson will be withdrawal Brazil with a hulk pressed parakeet.

“Big Country” can take a large punch, and once he does, he will be tighten adequate to lapse a favor. It’s loyal a Brazilian can never be underestimated — evidenced by intolerable wins over Fedor Emelianenko and Alistair Overeem — though his oversized mitts and suffocating belligerent diversion will not be factors here.

I wish we all feel guilty in 10 years when Silva is wearing adult diapers and celebration by a straw.

Final prediction: Nelson def. Silva by knockout

155 lbs.: Francisco “Massaranduba” Trinaldo (20-4) vs. Paul “Irish Dragon” Felder (12-2)

Nostradumbass predicts: It took him a integrate of years to get his sea legs, though Francisco Trinaldo has finally satisfied some of that early potential, conflict his walk in late 2014 and never looking behind — to a balance of 6 true wins. Of sold note were his final three, dismantling Chad Laprise, Ross Pearson, and Yancy Medeiros.

The usually critique during that run was a Brazilian’s inability to finish all though one of those opponents and his close, split-decision feat over Norman Parke is not accurately ancient history. He’s equally dangerous on a feet as he is on a ground, creation him a unbending exam for anyone during 155 pounds, even during age 38.

That includes Paul Felder.

The “Irish Dragon” is equally learned and had a hype sight barreling down a 155-pound highway, accelerated by his spinning back-fist knockout over maestro toughie Danny Castillo. But afterwards a sight went off a marks by approach of back-to-back waste to Edson Barboza and Ross Pearson.

They were frequency blowouts, though Felder’s inability to regulate during those fights was telling.

Since then, he’s been means to get behind into a win mainstay and stay there. After slaying Daron Cruickshank, Felder outpointed Josh Burkman after 3 rounds in a quarrel that was substantially closer than it should have been, all things considered.

As for his showdown opposite “Massaranduba?”

I wouldn’t indispensably contend a Brazilian is a improved or some-more technical fighter, though he’s in a section right now and fighting with some-more certainty than he ever has. Assuming he does not regression and concede Felder a event to work during a gentle range, we consider Trinaldo wins a preference formed on charge and Octagon control.

Even if he doesn’t, this is Brazil.

Final prediction: Trinaldo def. Felder by unanimous decision

185 lbs.: Thiago “Marreta” Santos (13-4) vs. Eric “Zebrinha” Spicely (8-2)

Nostradumbass predicts: Thiago Santos was right on a fork of pretension contention, stringing together 4 true wins with 3 aroused finishes, including his drop of longtime maestro Nate Marquardt. Unfortunately, his initial genuine exam — in a form of Gegard Mousasi — finished in disaster.

This will be his miscarry fight.

Eric Spicely is maybe best famous for being a decent grappler on The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) 23, putting together a few wins in a rejecting rounds before removing bounced in a semifinals. “Zebrinha” was called behind final July, soon losing to Sam Alvey during UFC Fight Night 91.

I am not awaiting anything conspicuous in his sophomore effort.

While “Maretta” is entrance off a loss, his turn of foe is light years forward of what his competition has faced. In addition, Santos is an assertive striker with power, and we usually can’t prognosticate a unfolding where Spicely can tarry prolonged adequate to try to square together a acquiescence attempt.

Expect violence.

Final prediction: Santos def. Spicely by knockout

145 lbs.: Mike “El Cucuy” De La Torre (14-5, 1 NC) vs. Godofredo “Pepe” Castro (12-4)

Nostradumbass predicts: Mike De La Torre came into a graduation roughly dual years ago on a strength of 3 uninterrupted wins, though given that time, has unsuccessful to win back-to-back fights. That hearkens behind to a craziness that tormented him progressing in his career and during age 30, we consider we’ve seen substantially all we’re going to see from “El Cucuy.”

Is it still adequate to improved Godofredo Castro?

Probably. “Pepe” is skilled, though can’t seem to worry himself with technique once a enclosure doorway closes, instead opting to go for pennyless in any and each exchange. That said, when a event presents itself, fans have seen flashes of greatness, including his fantastic acquiescence finish over Andre Fili.

Makes me consternation what a measured, trained Castro competence offer.

How this quarrel plays out mostly depends on how effective De La Torre can be in avoiding his opponent’s berserker attack. we consider unfamiliar dirt will be an emanate here for a MMA Lab product, who will try to feat Castro’s recklessness, though instead stoop to it.

Final prediction: Castro def. De La Torre by technical knockout

There we have it.

For a closer demeanour during a UFC Fight Night 95 “Prelims” cards on FOX Sports 1 and UFC Fight Pass click here and here. All a UFC contingency and betting lines for “Cyborg vs. Lansberg” can be located here.

To see a whole UFC Fight Night 95 quarrel label and line adult click here.

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