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Ubisoft maintains autonomy as Vivendi backs off during shareholders meeting

Yesterday was a good day for Ubisoft’s efforts to say a independence. Media firm Vivendi, that has been relocating toward appropriation a determining seductiveness in a company, suddenly chose not to commission a possess people to fill dual openings on a Ubisoft house of directors, permitting Ubi to designate a eccentric directors it nominated back in June. Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot and his hermit Gerard, a CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures, were also re-elected to a board.

“The shareholders voiced large support for a plan and a government of Ubisoft, commendatory all a typical resolutions submitted during a AGM [Annual General Meeting],” it pronounced in a statement.   

According to CNBC, Vivendi done no proposals during a meeting, nor did any of a reps pronounce during a QA session. However, it also abstained from voting on resolutions “related to worker batch grants and options,” that prevented them from passing. Ubisoft described a abstentions as “systematic obstruction, stopping a correct functioning of a Company, in sold per a rival remuneration process for a talents.” 

It’s a small startling that Vivendi didn’t try to force a matter during a AGM, though it’s also doubtful that it’s going to simply travel divided during this point. The Guillemots recently purchased 3 percent of Ubisoft’s batch from French investment bank Bpifrance, though Vivendi, that now binds 23 percent of a company’s shares, stays in a widespread position. It might now be looking forward to a antagonistic takeover attempt, identical to a forced merger of a before Guillemot-owned mobile publisher Gameloft earlier this year

Ubisoft is operative tough to equivocate that fate. Expanding a house with directors of a possess selecting will presumably make it some-more formidable for Vivendi to assume control, and a Guillemots have also been seeking outside support to assistance seaside adult a independence. And while this doesn’t unequivocally count for anything in a boardroom, a publisher also appears to be operative tough to urge a credit with gamers, many recently by observant that it won’t move back Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry in 2017 if they’re not scrupulously ready. 

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