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Two officers shot in Fort Worth

Two officers shot in Fort Worth

FORT WORTH — Two military officers were harmed Friday night while responding a 911 call about a self-murder in Fort Worth.

Police contend that a occurrence took place nearby 3828 Wharton Drive, nearby Southwest High School in a Wedgwood neighborhood of Fort Worth, during about 8:30 p.m.

Officer Xavier Serrano and probationary officer, Ray Azucena, who was in margin training, arrived during a home and found one chairman shot passed inside a house, military say.

They were told a declare to a sharpened might be in a strew in a backyard. When a officers approached a shed, they were dismissed upon. They returned fire, military pronounced during a press conference.

One officer was shot mixed times in a top torso and extremities. He was in vicious condition during John Peter Smith Hospital.

The second officer was struck once in his bullet-proof vest. He was warning and articulate to officers after a shooting, military say, and was also taken to JPS.

Neither officer has been identified, though military contend they work in a city’s South Division and were a initial to arrive on a scene.

It’s still unclear whether a chairman inside a strew is alive or dead. Pops from gas canisters deployed by a SWAT group were listened during about 10:30 p.m., and FWPD pronounced a conditions “is not resolved.”

Police contend they have reported to a same home mixed times for domestic calls between a son and father. The many new was final New Year’s Eve when a father was arrested on an superb warrant.

Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price and Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald hold a brief press discussion during JPS. Fort Worth Officer Matt Pearce was seen station behind a mayor. He is still recuperating after being shot in a line of avocation 6 months ago.

Mayor Price thanked a village for a support of a military department.

“Hold a officers and their families in your prayers tonight,” a mayor pronounced before handing a microphone over to a chief.

“This is really fortunate,” a arch said. “We’re advantageous to have them with us during this point.”

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