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Tragic detriment of Jose Fernandez leaves us wondering what competence have been

Tragic detriment of Jose Fernandez leaves us wondering what competence have been

12:32 PM ET

Let’s wish that someday, when we consider of Jose Fernandez, we can remember a smile, we can remember a charisma, we can remember a special fun he brought to any day he ever spent on a round field.

Marlins ace Fernandez dies in boating accident

Marlins right-hander Jose Fernandez, 24, was one of 3 group killed when a vessel overturned in Florida early Sunday. Speed is suspected to be a cause in a accident.

  • Baseball universe mourns Jose Fernandez’s death

    From David Ortiz to Bryce Harper to Yasiel Puig, players contend goodbye to Jose Fernandez.

  • But right now, it’s usually too tough to get over a sadness. How do we even put that unhappiness into disproportion as we try to routine a unintelligible news of a flitting of one of baseball’s resplendent stars, during a far-too-young age of 24?

    We will always have Fernandez’s conspicuous numbers to remind us of what he had already achieved in a career that would final a small 76 trips to a large joining mound. But how do we magnitude what it is we’ve lost, what a Miami Marlins have lost, what a competition of round has lost?

    Where was this male streamer in life? Where was he streamer in baseball? It’s like asking, “How high is a sky?” Because for Jose Fernandez, life had no limits. Every day, he looked during a universe and thought, “Why not?” Ask anyone who ever spent 5 mins around him. They would be a initial to tell we there were 4 disproportion in a compendium he could never accept:

    That. Can’t. Be. Done.

    So of march he done it out of Cuba, no matter how many attempts it took. Of march he jumped true from a Florida State League to a large leagues during 20 years old. Of march he done it behind from Tommy John medicine in usually 13 months and looked as if he’d never missed a start. Of march he would make 42 starts during home in his career and remove usually dual of them.

    This was a hint of Jose Fernandez. He approached any day meditative usually of what he could do, what he would do. His universe was filled usually with possibilities. So on this day, a cloud above us is darkened by all those unpleasant thoughts of what competence have been. And it’s going to take a unequivocally prolonged time to stop seeking ourselves that question: What competence he have been had he lived a rich, full life he deserved?

    He could have been Pedro Martinez. He was that talented. He was that unique. He was that irrepressible. He had that most healthy pitching talent inside of him.

    Four years into his career, he had an ERA+ of 150 — that is incredible. If you’re not informed with that stat, it compares any pitcher to a other pitchers of his time, and a normal pitcher is graded during 100. So that tells we how most improved Fernandez was than anyone around him.

    But maybe this will tell we more: Among right-handed pitchers whose careers began given World War II, do we know how many had a improved ERA+ by 70 starts or more? That would be none. Zero. Behind Fernandez you’ll find a likes of Dwight Gooden, Tom Seaver and Roger Clemens. Fernandez was off to a larger career start than all of them. Wow.

    But with this man, a “what competence have been” scenarios shouldn’t merely be cramped to what he could have achieved on a pitcher’s mound. This was a male who was going to make a symbol on a planet.

    People were drawn to him. People who spanned any spectrum of American life. His teammates. His coaches. The Latino village of South Florida. Kids. And when he pitched, when “Jose Day” arrived in Miami, there was zero like it. Nothing.

    In a 2014 and ’15 seasons, his starts in Miami drew an normal of 26,938 sheet buyers. When anyone else pitched, a normal assemblage was 21,113. That disproportion computes to 27.6 percent some-more business resounding by a turnstiles when Fernandez pitched than for any other game.

    He would rebound around a margin on those days with a fun of a child ripping open his birthday presents. His probability to take that round and work his sorcery couldn’t come shortly enough. And that merriment burnished off on everybody who laid eyes on him.

    “He’s unique,” his initial manager, Mike Redmond, once told me. “He’s not a kind of male where we come in and he’s sitting during his locker with his diversion face on and we can’t speak to him. we mean, he’s attack in a cage, he’s bunting in a cage, he’s in my office, he’s sitting on a couch, he’s articulate to me about a integrate of hitters. Then he’s out, and he’s behind in. He’s joking with a guys. He’s all over a place.

    “So he’s unique. we never played with a male like that, man. And that’s how he is any day. … Just that day that he gets a ball, he can’t wait. He usually unequivocally loves to pitch.”

    There is zero sadder, in life or in sports, than emptied potential. So to have a life of this male — with this arrange of talent, this most possibility, this clarity of joy, this constant adore of vital any day — be cut brief so soon, it is even harder to sense than it is to accept.

    Maybe someday, we’ll be means to concentration again on that talent and that joy. But right now, this usually feels like one of a saddest sports stories of the lifetimes.

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