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Top 5 Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Keyboard Cover, Lens Cover And More

Top 5 Accessories For The Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Samsung Keyboard Cover, Lens Cover And More

Samsung has started replacing a potentially inadequate Galaxy Note 7 in many tools of a universe and sales of a phablet have also started in a U.S.

New owners of a Note 7 who wish to accessorize their device can start selecting from these tip 5 accessories for Samsung’s latest offering.

VRS Design (High Pro Shield) Case

The box is slim with minimalist design; however, it provides military-grade complicated avocation protection. The lifted mouth of a box keeps a shade stable from scratches.

The box has accurate cutouts that concede full entrance to a ports and buttons of a Galaxy Note 7. The box includes a steel kickstand during a behind that enables business to watch video on a large 5.7-inch shade of a mobile phone.

Customers can buy a VRS Design (High Pro Shield) box for $15.99 from Amazon.

SuperStore Ionic Screen Protector Film

The shade is one of a many critical tools of a mobile phone. Customers have to strengthen a shade from scratches so that a display’s prominence clear. The SuperStore Ionic Screen Protector for a Galaxy Note 7 is done of gradual potion and it offers edge-to-edge protection.

Some people competence feel that a shade guardian does not offer a well-spoken hold knowledge on a phone, though with a SuperStore Ionic Screen Protector film a responsiveness of a Galaxy Note 7 is not affected.

The shade guardian is accessible during Amazon for $9.90.

Samsung’s Official Keyboard Cover

Most Android device owners are used to touchscreen. However, many people like typing on a earthy keyboard and for those business a BlackBerry-styled keyboard cover is ideal.

“This well-spaced keyboard pops on discerning to safeguard larger comfort and correctness when we form while helmet your device from damage. Better yet, it doesn’t need tie or charging so it won’t delayed we down,” says Samsung.

The keyboard cover has a cost tab of $59.99, though now it is accessible during a ignored cost of $32.92 at Amazon.

Samsung’s Official Lens Cover

The Galaxy Note 7 comes versed with a 12-megapixel primary camera. The lens cover for a phablet offers improved camera capabilities to users. The lens cover includes a wide-angle converter lens and a high-grade telephoto converter lens.

The anti-slip box offers improved hold to users while holding pictures.

“The telephoto lens is used for holding a print from a distance, while a wide-angle lens is for holding a far-reaching shot of scenery. You can simply select a lens we need and residence a other until needed. Normally, when we wizz in with a smartphone camera regulating digital zoom, we remove picture resolution. With a Lens Cover, we can wizz in and constraint photos with superb resolution,” says a product outline of a lens cover on Amazon.

Amazon is offered a lens cover for $109.99.

Ionic Battery Case

The Galaxy Note 7 comes with a 3,500 mAh battery that offers prolonged use to users. However, there are times when owners of smartphone need some additional juice.

The Ionic battery box for a Galaxy Note 7 brings an additional 5,000 mAh, that a case-maker claims brings additional 30 hours of speak time. Apart from additional juice, a Ionic battery box also protects a phablet from scratches.

Customers can squeeze a box for $39.99 from Amazon. It is accessible in a series of tone options: black, silver, bullion and rose gold.

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