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Tina Fey Does Not So Great Impressions of Sofia Vergara, Jack Nicholson, Elmo …

Tina Fey Does Not So Great Impressions of Sofia Vergara, Jack Nicholson, Elmo …

Tina Fey does an glorious sense of Sarah Palin, though that’s about a usually sense she can do. The star of Universal Pictures’ Sisters appeared on NBC’s The Tonight Show Monday, where Fey’s former Saturday Night Live co-worker Jimmy Fallon playfully teased his guest over her bad sense of Robert De Niro and asked her to do 3 some-more impressions for him.

“We have a diversion for you. It’s called ‘First Impressions.’ The diversion works like this: In front of us is a smoke-stack of cards with names of celebrities or famous characters on them. Now, we collect adult a label on tip of a pile, we review a pointless word on a label in a voice of a luminary or character…The other chairman has to theory who we are impersonating,” Fallon told Fey, who pronounced she stinks during these kind of games. “I consider we know we that good that we could substantially guess.”

Jack Nicholson‘s name was created on a initial label Fey drew from a pile. “Did we see that Adele unison tonight? That small gal’s got a heck of a set of pipes on her,” she pronounced in his voice. Fallon was uncertain if she was doing Nicholson or Matthew McConaughey, though he figured it out.

Fallon did a Barbara Walters impression, saying, “I once saw a walrus wrestling on a rock.” Fey guessed correctly—how could she not?—but Fallon certified he didn’t do Walters “very good.”

“You’ve finished Barbara Walters a million times,” Fey joked.

As a studio swelled with laughter, Fallon finally got a joke. “Unbelievable. Unbelievable,” he said. “That’s a form of things that I’m not going to lay for. I’m not going to mount for it, either!”

VIDEO: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler play “Most Likely To…”

Douglas Gorenstein/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank around Getty Images

For her sense of Sofia Vergara, Fey usually managed to separate out, “My favorite Christmas strain is…” before she and Fallon detonate into laughter. To demeanour like a bit some-more like a Modern Family star, Fey pushed her bust together. “I can’t even get them to make one good one!” she said.

Watch a video above to see Fallon do a surprisingly spot-on sense Morgan Freeman and Fey do a not too terrible sense of Sesame Street‘s Elmo.

Sisters is in theaters Friday.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon front weeknights during 11:35.

(E!, NBC and Universal Pictures are all members of a NBCUniversal family.)

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