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Tiger Woods in good spirits after year’s initial use round

Tiger Woods in good spirits after year’s initial use round

A year after no wins and a behind surgery, Tiger Woods played his initial use turn of 2015 on Tuesday during a Waste Management Phoenix Open.

Shortly after finishing his early-morning round, he talked to a media about a scoring conditions during TPC Scottsdale, his chances this deteriorate and a state of his game.

Here are a few of his many important quotes:

On his tooth being damaged in Italy after he astounded partner Lindsey Vonn

“That didn’t feel really good. (There are) dual opposite podiums. After each competition is completed, they pierce that adult on mountain so a photographers can do their deal. Lindsey had finished, we had walked onto a top. we still had a facade on so no one would know who we was, perplexing to mix in, given there’s not a lot of brownish-red dudes during a ski race. That was a whole suspicion given we wore a mask.

“All a camera guys were next me, relocating all around perplexing to get a design given she’s hugging people, observant congratulations. … The dude with a video camera on his shoulder kneeling right in front of me stood adult and incited and held me block in a mouth. He chipped that one, burst a other one. … Luckily, he strike a one we had a base waterway on. That’s a one that chipped. But a other one had to be bound as good given it had cracks all by it.

“Flying home was a joke. we couldn’t eat, couldn’t splash until he bound them, put a temporaries on. … Even respirating hurt. … we had to fly home and get it finished initial thing in a morning, that was nice.”

On his lapse to TPC Scottsdale

“It’s good to be back. It’s been a prolonged time given I’ve been back. The golf march is in illusory shape. … It’s springy. The greens aren’t overly quick. … The longer hitters have finished intensely good here and a numbers to lift a bunkers are hardly out of reach, even for a large boys. You’re going to be personification to a side of them instead of over them. … Everyone is going to be personification from a same spots.

“I had to take a bit of mangle there for a while. That influenza bug got me flattering good for another 3 weeks. we mislaid a lot some-more weight. Finally means to start gaining weight again and started training. … Each stage, we’re forward of report in a gameplan. … I’m cranking adult a speed … and it’s going to be a fun year.”

On his chipping

“I was held adult fundamentally between dual techniques. … We had to fundamentally strike thousands on thousands on thousands of chips to get (the aged recover pattern) out of there. Now, it’s better.”

On Robert Allenby

“I don’t know most about it. we know he got kick up. … we saw a photo. He didn’t demeanour really good.”

On hole-in-one during TPC Scottsdale’s No. 16 in 1997

“I consider we pennyless Fluff’s palm (on a high-five). we missed his (Omar’s high-five). Then aged school, behind in a day, lift a roof. And on tip of that, smelling and conference a drink strike behind me.”

On stone being changed during par-5 13th in 1999

“I suspicion it was lighter than it was. … we suspicion we could pierce it. In a finish it took about 5 other dudes to do it. … They changed it a wrong way.”

On going behind to No. 16 this year

“I haven’t seen it yet. … They didn’t have bleachers like they do now. It was only a mountain and people were only partying.”

On his pitch changes with Chris Como

“My pushing has come around a lot faster (than we expected). I’m a lot longer than we ever suspicion we could be again. I’m touching numbers that we did 15 years ago.”

On a Super Bowl

“I’d like to (go). That’s a plan. we only wish my Raiders were there.”


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