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This May Be Too Unreliable to Manage Diabetes

This May Be Too Unreliable to Manage Diabetes

This May Be Too Unreliable to Manage Diabetes

By Robert Preidt

HealthDay Reporter

WEDNESDAY, Sept. 7, 2016 (HealthDay News) — Glycemic index values of a same dishes can change widely and might be an dangerous indicator of blood sugar response, according to a new study.

The glycemic index was combined to uncover how quick blood sugar rises after eating a specific form of food, a investigate authors said. It’s deliberate a apparatus to assistance people with diabetes control their blood sugarine levels.

In a study, researchers checked blood sugarine responses in 63 healthy adults after eating a same volume of white bread 3 opposite times over 12 weeks. The investigators found that glycemic index values sundry an normal of 20 percent among people and 25 percent between opposite investigate participants.

“Glycemic index values seem to be an dangerous indicator even underneath rarely standardised conditions, and are doubtful to be useful in running food choices,” pronounced lead author Nirupa Matthan. She is a scientist during a U.S. Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center during Tufts University in Boston.

“If someone cooking a same volume of a same food 3 times, their blood glucose response should be identical any time, though that was not celebrated in a study. A food that is low glycemic index for we one time we eat it could be high a subsequent time, and it might have no impact on blood sugarine for me,” she explained in a university news release.

Based on these findings, Matthan pronounced regulating a glycemic index wasn’t unsentimental for food labeling or in dietary discipline during a particular level.

“If your alloy told we your LDL [‘bad’] cholesterol value could change by 20 percent, it would be a disproportion between being normal or during high risk for heart disease. we don’t consider many people would find that acceptable,” she concluded.

The investigate was published Sept. 7 in a American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

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