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‘This is not right’: Former SeaWorld tutor recalls torpedo whale treatment

‘This is not right’: Former SeaWorld tutor recalls torpedo whale treatment

John Hargrove can clearly remember a impulse in 1980 when, as a wide-eyed six-year-old sitting with his family in a assembly during a SeaWorld uncover in Orlando, he fell in adore with torpedo whales. Harder to pinpoint is when his attribute with his dream job, training orcas for a thesis park giant, finally incited sour.

It began with small things he says he started to notice about how SeaWorld treated a serf sea lions, dolphins and whales, and a trainers who would showcase them to a public. He says he saw close holding pools he believes were filled with too many chlorine; animals going blind or building arthritis prematurely; and comparison trainers outcast from operative with their dear whales since they dared to pronounce out.

Later in his 14-year career, that is chronicled in his new book, Beneath a Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and a Truth Beyond Blackfish, he says he witnessed incidents that pennyless his heart: whales apropos assertive towards trainers since of disappointment during being cramped in little pens for hours on end, or a anguished cries of whale calves forcibly distant from unsettled mothers, opposite SeaWorld’s settled policy.

Then, usually 60 days apart, came a deaths of dual friends and associate trainers, Alexis Martinez and Dawn Brancheau, both killed by whales owned by SeaWorld.

The genocide in Spain of Martinez, in a jaws of a 14-year-old masculine named Keto on loan to Tenerife’s Loro Parque, dumbfounded Hargrove and his associate trainers, he says, not slightest since it was presented as a comfortless drowning before a autopsy news suggested a border of a assault Keto had inflicted.

But when Brancheau was killed horrifically in Feb 2010, her physique ripped detached by an adult masculine named Tilikum during a open cooking uncover during SeaWorld Orlando, a association came underneath singular inspection over a policies and reserve procedures, heading to a $75,000 reference from a Occupational Safety and Health Administration and a anathema on trainers operative with whales in water.

Meanwhile, SeaWorld’s attendances, gain and share cost have slumped. It has allocated a new arch executive and launched a vital open family offensive, designed to opposite a fallout from a rarely vicious 2013 documentary Blackfish, which looked into Brancheau’s death.

As for Hargrove, it was a deaths of his friends, he tells a Guardian, that substantially sloping a balance. The trainer, who sum his possess near-fatal confront with an assertive whale called Freya in a opening pages of his book, weighed all adult and decided, in Aug 2012, that it was time to quit.

Yet a male who is now one of a company’s many outspoken critics says that for years, following a day in 1993 when he started as eager immature neophyte cleaning out buckets during SeaWorld’s San Antonio park, he resolutely believed he was operative for a good of a animals.

“It took a while,” he says. “You had to learn what was healthy and unhealthy, what was normal and abnormal, since we don’t know in a beginning. They taught us and we spouted it to a public.

“Then a association would make these decisions to frame calves divided from their mothers and we would demeanour during them in a opposite light as they attempted to explain it away. They’d contend it has to be this approach and this is a reason why, and you’d truly trust it; afterwards they’d change their story.

“When there was a need, a protocols changed, a manners changed. You start to see cracks in a armour, and eventually it registers: this is not normal, this is not right.”

John Hargrove speaks during WhaleFest 2015 on 14 Mar in Brighton, UK. Photograph: Media/ Media

SeaWorld accuses Hargrove of sensationalism. “We do not apart torpedo whale moms and calves, and in a singular occurrences that we do pierce whales among a parks, we do so usually in sequence to contend a healthy amicable structure,” says a come-back on a website

Chuck Tompkins, SeaWorld’s curator of zoological operations, pronounced Hargrove was mistaken to contend a whales were distressed. “We’ve lerned them to be loose during that move,” he told NPR in a new interview. “To contend that they’re worried or stressed, that’s usually not a approach we do a business.”

But Hargrove is austere that he is wakeful of during slightest 19 calves being distant from their mothers, and says any gainsay is fast quashed by SeaWorld’s “cult-like” attitude.

“The approach that it works is we keep your mouth shut. If we don’t, there’s a cost to pay,” he says, adding that punitive measures embody being changed out of a whale track or, if a tutor leaves SeaWorld on bad terms, being blacklisted.

Hargrove admits that his abdication was partly caused by his earthy condition. Years of operative with a whales in a H2O left him with a “laundry list” of injuries including damaged ribs, fingers and toes, critical sinus issues and wrecked cartilage. “For a final 3 years, my alloy was revelation me we indispensable to quit now,” he says.

Ultimately, though, he says he stayed on since of his “spiritual connection” to a whales, and his mistaken faith that he could urge their circumstances.

“I’m conflicted about my career since we have memories I’ll delight for a rest of my life, memories that many people never have a event to have. These whales gave me my childhood dream,” he says.

“But we was also partial of a complement that did this to those animals. we was a one treating sunburns since their skins were drying out since they were fibbing quiescent on a aspect of a H2O with no shade for hours, and on and on.

“I was means to leave and go on with my life, and they’re not. For all they gave me, a slightest that we can do is take some critique from boardroom cowards, a SeaWorld people sat behind a keyboard; continue that storm, and go out there and tell a truth.

“I was a torpedo whale tutor for 14 years and this is what we saw, a good and a bad.”

  • Beneath a Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and a Truth Beyond Blackfish, by John Hargrove with Howard Chua-Eoan, is published by Palgrave Macmillan Trade.

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