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This is Huawei’s initial twin camera smartphone for a US

This is Huawei’s initial twin camera smartphone for a US

Earlier this summer, Huawei auxiliary Honor launched a new flagship phone in China, a pivotal market. It’s called a Honor 8, and it’s a unequivocally nice-looking phone. It’s not a flagship flagship — that’s Huawei’s P9 — yet it’s a top-of-the-line of a Honor array of phones. Now Huawei is bringing that phone to a US, as partial of a flourishing bid to get a foothold in a US smartphone market.

The Honor 8 is a premium-feeling, glass-backed smartphone with a 5.2-inch full HD arrangement and a twin camera system. The potion behind is some-more for aesthetics than anything functional: Huawei says it’s a outcome of 15 opposite stairs in a production process, from cloaking to adding visual films to polishing, and that “no dual inclination demeanour alike” since a contemplative covering on tip of a potion creates opposite light patterns on any phone.

It also has dual 12MP behind cameras, one of that captures a picture in RGB (color) while a other captures a picture in monochrome. The dual are processed concurrently to emanate one photo, a presumably improved pic with some-more detail. Interestingly, a cameras are not branded Leica as they are on a P9, yet they seem to be a unequivocally identical set up. Also benefaction on a behind of a phone is Huawei’s super-fast fingerprint sensor, yet in a Honor 8 it also doubles as a “smart key”: we can module it to open specific apps or to take photos, depending on how many times or for how prolonged we press it.

Perhaps some-more notably, a US indication of a Honor 8 ships with Huawei’s possess Kirin 950 chipset, creation it a initial Huawei phone to boat in a US with a Kirin processor. The other Honor phone to boat in a US, a Honor 5X, has Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 processor. But it’s also value observant that a Huawei P9 has a some-more absolute Kirin 955 chipset.

The Honor 8 will boat using Android Marshmallow. It has 4 gigabytes of RAM, a USB type-C pier for quick charging, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and a 3,000 mAh battery. It comes in dual configurations, one with 32GB of storage and one with 64GB, with a microSD container for expansion. Huawei says a phone, that goes on sale tomorrow, will boat by a finish of a month.

Huawei unequivocally wants millennials to like this phone

During a pre-briefing and brief demo, Huawei executives stressed that this phone is directed during millennials, to a indicate where we wondered if a smartphone competence casually combust if it fell into a hands of someone innate before 1982. Huawei says millennials like to reason their phones in one hand. They like to use voice authority and contend “Cheese!” in sequence to snap a photo. They like 17 opposite camera modes, primer print settings and copiousness of filters. The light refractions on a potion behind are meant to fit a variable needs of millennials, who insist on carrying their phones mount out in a crowd.

Huawei didn’t exhibit pricing during a pre-brief (maybe millennials don’t caring about that as much?) yet during an eventuality in San Francisco tonight pronounced a Honor 8 would start during $400 for a 32GB indication and go adult to $450 for a 64GB model. That puts it during a aloft cost than it is in a Chinese marketplace — in China it starts during around $300 and goes adult to $370 USD — and it’s some-more dear than some other unbarred Android phones in a US, like Google’s Nexus 5X and a Nextbit Robin. But for what Huawei is labeling a flagship, it still falls into a “affordable” category.

This post has been updated to embody pricing information.

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