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This 26-year-old lady supports her universe travels by anticipating peculiar jobs in her destinations

Orla Corrigan grew adult in tiny encampment in Ireland, and wanted to see a world.

Orla Corrigan’s resume and pass are about equally full.

Originally from Ireland, a 26-year-old has worked as a promoter, eventuality planner, conform stylist, TV extra, model, au pair, teacher, and freelance author in countries opposite a world, appropriation her travels with these peculiar jobs.

Now, she’s adding transport blogger to her list, pity her jet-setting, job-hunting adventures on Travelorlabout in a hopes of assisting other people try new things in new places.

Corrigan grew adult in a tiny encampment in Ireland “pretty most in a center of nowhere”.

“I would contend we lived a unequivocally easeful life, that we consider gave me this pull to wish to see a bigger universe and knowledge all these things,” she said.

Corrigan changed to Australia for dual years and done use of her grade operative with children with special needs, though also dabbled in eventuality planning, modelling, and even behaving as an additional on a Australian TV array Please Like Me.


She continued her work with kids as an au span (live-in nanny) in Vienna, and afterwards as a core studies clergyman in Thailand.

Now, she’s behind in Ireland and gearing adult for her subsequent career move: digital marketing.

She’s already on her way, carrying recently launched her website Orlaroundtheworld to account her freelancing, travelling adventures.

Corrigan’s work and transport character might be nomadic, though her spending is delicately budgeted.

“I brew it adult between doing oppulance transport and budget,” she said. “When we do budget, we do go unequivocally cheap.”

She also manages to have fun when she’s not working, like roving a world’s fastest drum coaster in Abu Dhabi and sea walking on a sea building in Bali.


She hopes to enthuse other people to break their comfort zones and seize any and all opportunities that come their way.


“I unequivocally try to find new things — things that are a small bit different, that aren’t only your standard kind of jobs, in sequence to unequivocally put myself out there. we consider once you’re desirous enough, and you’re encouraged enough, a opportunities come to you.”



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