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Thinking of voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson? Here are their process positions

Thinking of voting for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson? Here are their process positions

On Monday, Sen. Bernie Sanders urged his supporters to opinion for Hillary Clinton in a prime-time debate from a Democratic National Convention theatre in Philadelphia. That same day, revolutionary Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant — who had corroborated Sanders — told a throng during a convene opposite city to continue Sanders’ “political revolution,” not by following his lead, yet by voting for Green Party claimant Jill Stein.

Stein has been courting Sanders supporters in Philadelphia while Libertarian presidential claimant Gary Johnson crashed both a Republican and Democratic party conventions.

In this deteriorate of two-party discontent, both Stein and Johnson trust they have a possibility to flay off electorate and leave their marks on a presidential race.

Johnson believes he will be on all 50 states’ ballots. Stein expects to make most.

Garnering support from 15 percent of voters in inhabitant polls qualifies a claimant for a presidential debates. That seems to be a benchmark of legitimacy for that Stein and Johnson are aiming.

Johnson, a former administrator of New Mexico, is famous for his support (and use) of marijuana, favors tiny government, a singular expenditure taxation and some-more insurance for polite liberties.

Stein, a medicine who became a magnanimous activist, offers a height that prioritizes transformation on meridian change and eradicates tyro debt.

She wants a nation’s appetite to be 100 percent purify and renewable by 2030, would like GMOs criminialized until they’re proven protected (many scientists already trust GMOs are safe) and would set a $15-per-hour sovereign minimum wage.

Here’s what Stein and Johnson trust (though, like many politicians, they don’t lay out how they’d accomplish all their lofty goals):




• Stein wants to annul tyro debt and pledge tuition-free preparation from preschool by university education. She wants to “protect a open propagandize systems from privatization and boost sovereign appropriation for school.”

• Johnson “believes there is no purpose for a sovereign supervision in education.” He would cut a Department of Education.




• Stein’s height prioritizes meridian change. It calls for a anathema on pesticides that she says bluster bees, and would transition a nation wholly to renewable appetite and finish a use of chief energy.

• Johnson believes a meridian is substantially changing and humans are substantially contributing. He supports a sovereign government’s seductiveness in safeguarding a environment, yet believes that should occur by punishing polluters, not inserted in appetite markets or subsidizing certain appetite sources.




• Stein supports a sovereign $15 minimum wage, some-more kinship rights and tighter law of Wall Street. Her height calls for taxation cuts for a bad and center class, and aloft taxes on a wealthy. She hopes to levy a duration on foreclosures and evictions.

• Johnson advocates for a giveaway marketplace with tiny supervision and singular regulation. He favors taxation remodel that would emanate a singular expenditure taxation that is a same rate for all products and all purchasers. Basic necessities would be lonesome by a “prebate” — a monthly remuneration given to each taxpaying domicile by a government.


Health caring


• Stein favors a single-payer health-care complement that would radically give everybody a form of Medicare.

• Johnson favors entirely privatized health care.


LGBTQ issues


• Stein believes in LGBTQ protections from taste and supports happy marriage.

• Johnson says people ought to be giveaway to marry whomever they want.




• Stein’s height calls for demilitarized borders and an finish to deportations of law-abiding undocumented immigrants.

• Johnson would like work visas to be some-more simply obtained and to give immigrants a trail to citizenship. He records that immigrants dedicate fewer crimes than native-born people.


Foreign policy


• Stein would like to cut troops spending in half and tighten some-more than 700 unfamiliar troops bases. She would anathema worker crusade and would mislay U.S. chief weapons abroad.

• Johnson considers himself doubtful of unfamiliar intervention. He believes Congress needs to be concerned in troops decisions.


Criminal probity


• Stein supports a Black Lives Matter movement, and an finish to military savagery and mass incarceration.

• Johnson believes military shootings are rooted in a drug war, that he would like to end.




• Stein supports gun-control measures, and believes a issue ought to be treated as a inhabitant public-health emergency.

• Johnson’s support for gun tenure rights aligns with a Libertarian Party platform, that opposes gun restrictions of all kinds.




Both possibilities support a legalization of pot and weep a War on Drugs.


Wondering how a major-party candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, smoke-stack up? Here’s a 2016 Democratic Party platform and Republican Party platform.


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