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The states where gas costs approach some-more than $2 a gallon

The states where gas costs approach some-more than $2 a gallon

Average gas prices fell next $2 a gallon this week. (AP Photo/Lynne Sladky, File)

People attack a highway this week are being postulated a good holiday present: low gas prices. National gas prices fell below $2 a gallon Monday for a initial time in about 7 years, and have been around $2 a gallon since then, according to AAA.

Those cheaper gas prices might supplement adult to about $550 a year in additional money for a normal driver, AAA estimates. But not all drivers are celebrating.

While two-thirds of gas stations opposite a United States have gas during reduction than $2 a gallon, fuel prices are still significantly aloft in some states. “In some tools of a country, gas is not as inexpensive as it should be,” says Michael Green, a orator for AAA.

In California for instance, unchanging gas cost an normal $2.75 a gallon as of Wednesday — some-more than any other state. In Hawaii, a state with a second many costly gas prices, a gallon cost $2.72 on average. And in Nevada gas averaged $2.50 a gallon.

Gas prices tend to be aloft in California and other tools of a West Coast that might be traffic with singular supply after there was an blast this open during the ExxonMobil Torrance Refinery in California, Green says. The glow might have cut down on a volume of gas accessible during stations in California, and other states such as Nevada might also have reduction gas if some of their supply was sent to California to assistance make adult a shortages there, Green says.

As for Hawaii, it is customarily among a states with a top gas prices since the vast infancy of a gas it uses contingency be imported, Green says. Transporting gas between islands can also be pricey.

Meanwhile, gas prices are most next $2 a gallon in other tools of a country, including a South. Take Missouri, where unchanging gas costs $1.74 per gallon, on average. In Tennessee, South Carolina and  Oklahoma, gas cost an normal $1.78 per gallon. Gas is generally cheaper in a South, where an contentment of refineries are formulating a solid upsurge of fuel for drivers in a area, Green says.

Gas prices in a Washington, D.C. area ranged from $1.83 to $2.21 as of Wednesday morning.

If gas prices follow a common trends this winter, prices may stay low by Jan and could tumble some-more if oil prices continue to slide, according to a AAA.

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