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The Sony hack: 9 some-more things we didn’t know

The Sony hack: 9 some-more things we didn’t know

President Obama binds a press discussion during that he discussed Sony Pictures’ preference not to recover “The Interview” in a arise of a purported North Korean hacking scandal.
Leigh Vogel, WireImage

Fallout from a mortal crack of Sony Pictures’ mechanism network on Nov 24 and a onslaught opposite a torrent of leaked inner papers has stretched from Tinseltown to DC and beyond.

President Obama on Friday pronounced Sony “did a wrong thing” when pulling a film during a heart of a breach, “The Interview,” from theaters. Earlier in a day, a FBI pronounced it had concluded North Korea was behind a attack. Hackers had damaged into Sony’s mechanism network and leaked thousands of emails and financial documents divulgence a Hollywood studio’s secrets, perfectionist that a comedy about assassinating North Korea’s personality be kept from release.

Some of a revelations have been merely interesting, a few have been intolerable invasions of privacy, while others could repairs particular reputations.

From blame executives to backroom deals, here are 9 some-more things we schooled about Sony. These revelations have been reported formerly in a accumulation of publications.

1) Hell hath no ire like a Google scorned

Google was apoplectic during a awaiting of Sony and a other Hollywood studios attempting to revive due Internet content-restriction laws — a Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and a Protect Intellectual Property Act (PIPA). Google ubiquitous warn Kent Walker wrote a sardonic blog post.

“[O]ne unsatisfactory partial of this story is what this all means for a MPAA itself, an classification founded in partial ‘to foster and urge a First Amendment and artists’ right to giveaway expression,'” Walker wrote. “Why, then, is it perplexing to personally bury a Internet?”

2) Google will quarrel The Law — though will it win?

As partial of a efforts to revive SOPA’s vigilant by nonlegislative means, Google suggested that Mississippi state profession ubiquitous Jim Hood sent a hunt hulk a 79-page subpoena. Google says it is identical to subpoenas discussed in leaked Sony emails, and a association skeleton to fight back.

3) State Department gave dual thumbs adult to “The Interview”

Sony Pictures CEO Michael Lynton, wakeful of a supportive inlet of some of a element in “The Interview,” screened a comedy to a US State Department central and perceived a stamp of capitulation months before it was due in theaters. The unnamed central even sealed off on a ending, depicting a assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

4) Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel indispensable a hug

Spiegel was so dissapoint when his personal emails to Lynton, who sits on Snapchat’s house of directors, were unprotected he had to go for a walk. “I felt like we was going to cry all morning,” he pronounced in a matter to Snapchat employees and on Twitter, so he pronounced he went for a travel where he ran into a high propagandize teacher. “She gave me a outrageous hug. we unequivocally indispensable it.”

5) Even Kanye contingency pitch

Apparently, Kanye West is in “The Interview” for a prohibited minute. Perhaps it’s connected to West’s artistic executive Elon Rutberg pitching Sony Pictures co-chair Amy Pascal on a film. “[W]e have a vital film plan entrance adult that involves both cinematic and technological innovation, so we naturally suspicion Sony and wanted to strech out,” he said, according to a Daily Beast.

6) QR codes are value some-more than Google Glass

More Sony emails revealed Snapchat acquired several startups, including $15 million for one creation an Internet-connected headset identical to Google Glass, and another for $50 million whose record reads iBeacons and those pixelated black-and-white boxes called QR codes. QR codes, really.

7) Mark Zuckerberg really, unequivocally hated “The Social Network”

We knew Zuckerberg was no fan of a film about Facebook’s origins, though we didn’t know until Sony’s emails were unprotected that Zuck attempted to kill a crack outright. “I pronounced to Zuckerberg when he attempted to stop ‘The Social Network,’ ‘No one wants their sophomore year in college examined or portrayed,'” Lynton is pronounced to have created in one email, reported Business Insider.

8) And for my subsequent witness, your honor

Next adult in court: Sony employees, both stream and former. The first lawsuit alleging Sony mishandled a personal information of employees by not carrying improved mechanism confidence has been filed.

9) Costliest “Interview” ever?

The stars of a film that led to a penetrate that kicked this whole thing off were well-compensated. Seth Rogen was paid $8.4 million, and James Franco got $6.5 million. All told, $44 million was spent on a film that might never be seen, according to Bloomberg.

Or will it? Following President Obama’s comments on Friday that Sony done a mistake by cancelling a film’s scheduled release, Sony Pictures sent a matter to a press observant it was looking during “a opposite platform” for creation certain “The Interview” isn’t left on a cutting-room floor.

Facebook and Snapchat declined to comment. Sony Pictures didn’t lapse requests for comment.

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