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The Patriots winning with Julian Edelman as QB would be an all-time Belichick move

The Patriots winning with Julian Edelman as QB would be an all-time Belichick move

The Patriots have not sealed a backup, backup, backup quarterback, even yet their backup quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and their backup, backup quarterback Jacoby Brissett both suffered injuries in a past dual games. While some have speculated that a team might pointer little-known, un-drafted giveaway agent Dom Grady, Belichick and his coaching staff of apparent football geniuses haven’t drawn adult contracts for him or anyone else. Nor do they seem expected to do so.

ProFootballTalk’s Mike Florio gave some discernment into a situation on Sunday Night Football:

“Signing another quarterback is regarded, as I’m told, a final review for a Patriots because, No. 1 they don’t wish to have to cut somebody to emanate a register mark for a quarterback, yet No. 2 they indeed would cite to go with a Julian Edelman, even yet he hasn’t played quarterback given college, given he knows a offense inside and out.”

It’s seeming likely that possibly Garoppolo or Brissett will be in decent-enough figure to start in the Patriots’ Week 4 match-up opposite a Buffalo Bills (Garoppolo suffered a twist to his AC corner during a diversion opposite a Dolphins, and Brissett harm his ride final Thursday opposite a Texans). we have a tough time desiring that, if both were clear no-gos, Belichick wouldn’t have bit a bullet and sealed someone like Matt Flynn or Ryan Lindley, who’ve both lerned with a Patriots, to serve a stop gap. Or even Michael Vick. He’s around.

AP Photo/Stew Milne

So while signs indicate to one of a designated QBs holding a margin this week, there’s a possibility — despite a tiny one — that this could be far-reaching receiver Julian Edelman’s time to fit adult and lead his associate Patriots into battle. Even if he doesn’t start, he be called adult to soothe possibly of a harmed QBs if they need to come out of a game.

While conjunction Belichick nor Edelman would endorse that he’s a fourth-stringer, he did play quarterback in college during Kent State, yet it’s not tough to build a box opposite him during that position. He completed usually 153 of 275 passes in college in 2008, regulating his time during quarterback some-more as a approach to uncover off his intensity for playing other positions rather than to gleam in that one (Belichick noticed; it worked). Edelman’s run diversion was good, yet he can’t unequivocally chuck a approach a quarterback should be means to throw. Also, if he got harm — say, if a Bills have gotten improved during blitzing by the time a diversion rolls around — a Pats would lose one of their star receivers to an avoidable circumstance.

But starting Edelman — and handling to win with him — during quarterback would be Belichick out-Belichicking himself. As my co-worker Nate Scott wrote final week, a beauty of a Patriots’ offense is that it’s built to be insanely multi-faceted. It’s like a Ikea seat of football; they have certain tools that they can use, either they’re building a coffee list or a bed frame. Need Rob Gronkowski to retard as LeGarrette Blount runs? Cool, he can do that. Need him out far-reaching so he can catch? He can do that, too. So can Martellus Bennett. The group is intensely nimble.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Edelman is like one of those ridged, dull pegs — we know a ones — that Belichick would only be borrowing from a dresser to use for a night table. It would still substantially reason together: Focus on a regulating game, with a plan that would most expected be “get a round to Blount ASAP,” and you’ve still got a flattering possibility during scoring touchdowns. It wouldn’t be too terribly opposite from a offense a Patriots ran with Brissett during quarterback. With a clever invulnerability subsidy it up, that seemed to work out flattering well.

As Florio said, Edelman unequivocally knows a Patriots’ several descent strategies improved than anyone you’d move in from a outside. And, by regulating what he already has, he doesn’t have to cut guys to get someone he’d only (hopefully) need for one game.

It’s also distant from a finish of a universe if a Patriots remove on Sunday. When the deteriorate began, many people were hypothesizing a Patriots would go 2-2. Some pronounced that would be a best box scenario: Garoppolo hadn’t started in an NFL diversion before, and Brissett wasn’t unequivocally on anyone’s radar as someone who’d indeed have to step in and save a day. But both turned out to be really impressive, Belichick might’ve done a understanding with a demon somewhere along a way, and a Patriots are now undefeated with dual harmed backups and a blank star by a name of Tom Brady.

So at this point, it’s like we’re watching Belichick build seat we didn’t even know Ikea sold. It’s proof to be flattering sturdy. Why not see how clever a Edelman brace is?


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