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The one large reason a 49ers aren’t going to play Colin Kaepernick

The one large reason a 49ers aren’t going to play Colin Kaepernick

The chants rang out from a meagre and fast thinning throng during Levi’s Stadium as transparent as a Thursday night sky:

“We wish Kap!”

Who could censure a fans for chanting? The 49ers looked terrible in a nationally televised 33-21 detriment to a Drew Stanton-led Arizona Cardinals.

Starting quarterback Blaine Gabbert wasn’t a solitary reason a 49ers mislaid Thursday’s game, yet he wasn’t doing most to assistance a means either. And anyone who has watched a 49ers this deteriorate can see that Gabbert isn’t able of using a read-option looks first-year conduct manager Chip Kelly wants to run.

Frankly, it looks like a 49ers, who are now 1-4 on a season, are using an offense built for Colin Kaepernick with Gabbert.

So since aren’t a 49ers personification Kaepernick?

Well, a Niners have some-more than 14 million reasons to keep No. 7 on a bench.

If we wish to trust that Kaepernick isn’t personification as a atonement for his inhabitant anthem protests, we have to do so with a bargain that such a faith is not secure in fact or logic. The 49ers have been understanding of Kaepernick’s means — Kelly has shielded him vehemently when prodded in press conferences and group CEO Jed York has donated $1 million to a gift he believes fits Kaepernick’s mission. Also, by all accounts in a Bay Area, there’s no multiplication in a 49ers locker room over a anthem protests.

With all that being a case, a 49ers would afterwards spin around and retaliate Kaepernick by not personification him? If that’s a case, that’s some black-belt-level pacifist aggressiveness.

If a 49ers didn’t wish to play Kaepernick since of his stance, they would have cut him in a preseason. They didn’t do that because, frankly, they couldn’t — a quarterback register was too thin.

Oh, and they fundamentally already had paid him his full income for a year.

Kaepernick is going to get a same check for 2016 either he’s on a register or not, and while there was some suspicion as to either it’d be some-more advantageous for a 49ers to use his 53-man register mark on another player, a group motionless it competence as good keep a man it already paid around — he has knowledge and as distant as puncture backup quarterbacks go, he’s not a bad option.

But that’s all Kaepernick is to a 49ers — a puncture backup. The usually approach he’s going to see a margin is if Gabbert is injured.

At this point, though, with whatever absurd postseason hopes a 49ers competence have hold extinguished and third-string quarterback Christian Ponder improved capable in the playbook, a 49ers could cut Kaepernick.

They won’t do that since of a domestic recoil that would follow. It’s not value it to pointer some dumpy off a street. They’ll wait until a offseason, when we can cut a man who didn’t take a snap a whole deteriorate with some turn of impunity.

So since don’t a 49ers use him now? They paid him and they can’t cut him — they competence as good use him, right?


Kaepernick burnt a 49ers final deteriorate after he harmed his shoulder in a early partial of a year and played by a damage until he was benched for poor play.

Kaepernick didn’t accurately rivet in a reconstruction devise that would get him behind on a margin immediately and he waited to have medicine on his shoulder, meaningful that if he done it to Apr 1 and he wasn’t entirely healthy, a 49ers would have to collect adult a full $11.9 million he was due in 2016. Kaepernick had a NFLPA prepared to pounce if pull came to shove.

It was a intelligent and a bit sinful pierce by Kaepernick and it worked.

Kaepernick missed a initial dual games of a preseason recuperating from that surgery, too, and by a time he played (poorly), a anthem debate was full gimlet and a 49ers didn’t have most of a choice yet to keep him — unless they wanted Jeff Driskel to be their backup quarterback.

But if a 49ers put Kaepernick on a margin for any reason this season, they risk him removing harmed and remaining that approach until Apr 1, when he’d be guaranteed $14.5 million for 2017.

Perhaps that we-have-no-choice unfolding comes to pass, yet in a meantime, a Niners are going to bide their time until they can cut Kaepernick.

So unless Gabbert’s arm is swinging in a hollow and Ponder is sealed in a bathroom, Kaepernick is going to sojourn on a dais this season.

It’s not politics — it’s business.

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