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The dim fan speculation about ‘Grease’ that won’t stop vivid a Internet

The dim fan speculation about ‘Grease’ that won’t stop vivid a Internet

John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John star in “Grease” (1978). (Paramount/AP)

This is partial of an occasional array in that we explain Internet things. We like to call it memesplaining; we competence call it meme-ruining. Regardless, if we only chanced on an picture macro, hashtag, app or GIF we don’t understand, we have a answers — insofar as answers can be had.

The Meme: The “Grease” Death Theory

What it is

“It’s all in her head,” is the misfortune cliche of a online fan theory, one equally important for a magnitude as it is for a laziness. There is no easier approach to recast a tinge of an whole film than to explain that a events on shade were unequivocally “all in a head” of one of a characters. The contention is as uninteresting as a college freshman, home for winter mangle after a riveting Philosophy 101 class, seeking his high propagandize friends to infer to him that any of them unequivocally “exist.”

But sometimes, notwithstanding a cliche, one of these theories sticks around. Such is a box of a “Grease” Death Theory, a years-old Reddit contention that roared behind into a Internet’s line of prophesy this week. The speculation is, essentially, this: What if a low-pitched “Grease” is, in fact, all in a conduct of a unwell Sandy?

As you’ll remember, in a commencement of a film, Danny and Sandy sing about how they met in a strain “Summer Nights.”

There’s a line, sung by Danny, claiming that a span initial met when he “saved her life — she scarcely drowned.” Of course, Sandy’s chronicle of events is radically different: “He showed off,” she sings of their initial meeting, “splashing around.” Maybe Danny was exaggerating, to stir his friends.

Details! Anyway, according to a Internet theory, a whole “Grease” story is actually the outcome of Sandy unequivocally drowning, a film’s tract a heat dream as she lay unwell on a beach, fantasizing about a intrigue with “Danny,” a foreigner on a beach perplexing and unwell to save her life.

The primary motorist of this speculation is a film’s ending, where Sandy and Danny expostulate off in a red convertible, one that takes off into a sky (and maybe to heaven??????)

Maybe it’s given “Grease’s” finale is honestly a bit weird, or maybe it’s a interest of commanding a dim prophesy on tip of a quintessential feel-good film. But for some reason, a speculation stranded around, gaining supporters all a while.

After a few digital media sites picked adult and repackaged a aged speculation Wednesday, it came to a courtesy of one Sarah Michelle Gellar, who understandably found a whole thought to be nuts:

And now it’s a full-blown “thing” again. The Internet!

Where it started, and who started it

The Redditor who asked this doubt in 2013 posted an exegetic striking to r/FanTheories, sparking a rather renouned contention about a merits:

View post on

The indirect contention concurrently strengthened and demolished a theory. On a one hand, it spawned a sister-theory about Grease as a imagination of a Dying Sandy:

On a other hand, a tip voted criticism of a thread records that during one indicate in a film, a emporium teacher says of a film’s famous car, “If this automobile were in any improved condition it would fly!”

As for because we’re articulate about this old, flattering unsure speculation now, well, it seems as though that has to do with a media. The “Grease” Death Theory has been repackaged by digital writers over a years given that strange Reddit post, though this week, it held on.

One of a beginning repackages that we could find this week is this Metro article, that crucially fails to note that a Reddit speculation is already a few years old. The Metro essay was followed shortly (based on timestamps, anyway) by this Daily Mail piece, that says a aged Reddit thread “resurfaced” on amicable media recently.

Now, a speculation is entirely held adult in a calm machine:




For many reasons.

Also, there’s this:

A intelligent regard to make during your subsequent nerdy cooking party

“It’s all in her head,” as a storytelling shun hatch, isn’t only cramped to fan theories, as a prolonged list of examples on TV Tropes for “all only a dream” creates clear.

The some-more we compensate courtesy to cliches like this, a harder it can get to accept them in a media we consume. But a resurgence of a simply debunkable “Grease” Death Theory shows that, for a lot of us, a cliche still works.

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