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The Atlantic Politics & Policy Daily: It’s 3 AM, He Must Be Lonely


President Barack Obama offers a hankie to Chemi Peres, son of former Israeli President Shimon Peres, during a arise rite in Jerusalem. Reuters

What We’re Reading

Populism Is Here to Stay: In a pursuit of lofty, world-saving goals, “globalists” are forgetful their categorical role: to paint their citizenry. So, Matthew Continetti asks, “is it unequivocally startling that a democracy has spin some-more tenuous?” Or intolerable that people opinion for possibilities like Donald Trump? (The Washington Free Beacon)

Desperately Seeking Voters: Hillary Clinton’s debate hosted a convene on Thursday to flog off early voting in Iowa. But Clinton is 5 points behind Trump in a Hawkeye State, and her team’s desperation was palpable. (Tim Alberta, National Review)

‘Progressive Politics After Bernie’: During his presidential bid, Bernie Sanders managed to light a on-going transformation opposite a country. After Sanders’s defeat, can his campaign’s organization, Our Revolution, keep a activism alive? (Harold Meyerson, The American Prospect)

A Candid Discussion: Tammy Duckworth is an Illinois congresswoman, an Iraq War veteran, and a heading disciple for gun control. She spoke to GQ about her pull for gun legislation, and a dim amusement she’s grown given losing both her legs in combat. (Rebecca Nelson)

The Women of Clinton’s Past: In a arise of former Miss Universe Alicia Machado’s comments about Trump’s written abuse, Peter Roff questions either Hillary Clinton tacitly available a humiliation of women “whom she saw as a hazard to her husband’s repute and, in turn, a risk to her domestic future.” (U.S. World News and Report)

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