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Thanksgiving in Space: Astronauts Will Be Working and Feasting

Thanksgiving in Space: Astronauts Will Be Working and Feasting

This Thanksgiving, astronauts aboard a International Space Station (ISS) will spend a day tough during work before chowing down on a space-friendly chronicle of a normal turkey dinner.

In past years, NASA astronauts have taken off from work on Thanksgiving Day, though this year, they’ll be operative adult an ardour doing scholarship all day before entertainment for dinner. Of a 6 crewmembers now on a ISS, usually dual are Americans — Shane Kimbrough and Peggy Whitson — though everybody on a hire will come together during a cooking table.

“We’re apparently going to be articulate about what Thanksgiving means to us, what we’re grateful for, and pity a tradition with a French and Russian colleagues,” Kimbrough said in a video.

Before dinner, Kimbrough will spend a day installing a new centrifuge in a Cell Biology Experiment Facility, NASA Public Affairs Officer Dan Huot told in an email. Whitson will be operative with cosmonaut Sergey Ryzhikov, handling an ultrasound to do baseline scans for a Fluid Shifts study, that will examine a means of changes in eyesight that astronauts mostly knowledge after spaceflight.

The dual other Russian cosmonauts, Andrei Borisenko and Oleg Novitskiy, will unpack load from a Soyuz booster that arrived Saturday (Nov. 19) and reinstate a control row in a Russian Service Module. Meanwhile, French wanderer Thomas Pesquet will review a children’s book aloud on camera for kids on Earth to watch as a partial of a plan called “Story Time from Space.” Pesquet will also take measurements for a AquaMembrane investigation, that aims to emanate a some-more fit H2O recycling complement for a ISS.

Once everyone’s work is done, a 6 crewmembers will accumulate in a Zvezda Service Module to applaud Thanksgiving a American way: pity what they’re grateful for with one another, and afterwards digging into a dish consisting of turkey, immature beans, candied yams, crushed potatoes and more. “We’re going to work all day, and afterwards we’re going to have an dusk large cooking full of many of a things you’re going to have during your table,” Kimbrough said.


But instead of eating off of plates and enjoying a potion of wine, all a astronauts devour will come true out of prepackaged pouches. Much of a food equipment are freeze-dried or dehydrated, so a organisation will need to supplement H2O before eating it. [Yum! How Thanksgiving Meals for Astronauts Are Made (Video)]

Drinking ethanol is also banned on a ISS, so a astronauts instead will suffer pouches of honeyed tea. “I’m from Atlanta, so we can’t have Thanksgiving cooking but carrying some honeyed tea,” Kimbrough said. For dessert, they’ll suffer packets of cherry-and-blueberry cobbler.

Though bags of dried-up food equipment competence not sound like a many appetizing Thanksgiving feast to people on Earth, Kimbrough assured, “it’ll ambience unequivocally good, only like you’re carrying during home.” However, distinct many Americans on Thanksgiving, a ISS organisation will not be stuffing themselves to a indicate of a “food coma.” Rather, their apportionment sizes are particularly controlled, so overdrinking isn’t an option.

Credit: NASA

Instead of flitting out on a couch, Kimbrough skeleton to spend his dusk examination American football. “Thanksgiving in my universe is not finish but some football, so we’re going to have goal control send adult some live football games for us to watch to finish a knowledge of Thanksgiving,” he said.

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