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Tesla Model 3: Price, specs and all we know

Tesla Model 3: Price, specs and all we know

Tesla’s Model 3 is one of a many approaching automobile launches in years. First suggested in pre-production antecedent form during a finish of March, a subsequent automobile from Elon Musk’s association is already a immeasurable strike with intensity buyers – around 400,000 have placed a deposit.

What’s all a hype about?

The Model 3 is set to be a poignant automobile in a series of ways. For starters, it signals a execution of Tesla’s initial “master plan”. When a association launched a initial automobile in 2008 – a Tesla Roadster – it was a low-volume, high-cost EV used to comment a prolongation of a Model S, a cheaper automobile constructed on a incomparable scale.

The Model 3 continues a pattern. It’s set to be Tesla’s cheapest and many renouned automobile nonetheless and will be constructed in significantly incomparable numbers than a predecessors.

It’s also a initial automobile to be built on a company’s third-generation platform, that should meant denser, some-more fit battery packs for a sincerely poignant all-electric range.

Tesla has belligerent out a repute in a engine attention for doing things differently. It’s a association renouned in record rather than petrol-head circles and a cars so distant have proven to be among a many fascinating electric vehicles on a market. An affordable and some-more permitted Tesla is organisation to be extravagantly popular.


While a altogether form is clearly Tesla, a Model 3 introduces some new pattern traits, many particularly a flat, grille-less face during a front.

It’s suspicion a association has kept things flattering elementary for aerodynamic purposes, permitting a Model 3 to eke out a many of a assign – it has a aim drag fellow of usually 0.21cd for best efficiency.

It’s a smaller automobile than a Model S and looks many stubbier, a brief front and behind overhangs downsizing a altogether profile. The potion roof stretches from a bottom of a windshield into a hunched behind end, nonetheless a Model 3 does not have a hatchback boot. Instead, a second storage space lies underneath a bonnet.

Slight changes around a behind finish are now approaching after arch executive Elon Musk pronounced a association has responded to concerns that a foot opening was too small and had been hampered by a car’s altogether design. According to Electrek, a wider foot could lead to opposite versions of a Model 3, such as an discretionary all-glass breathtaking roof.

Alloy wheels and extraneous colour choices also make a cut. A dim blue chronicle as good as a matte black will come alongside a china a automobile was previewed in. The full operation of customisation options will be accessible when a Model 3’s configurator launches serve down a line.


Tesla hasn’t expelled many information about a Model 3’s interior. The sincerely blank-looking setup braggadocio a 15ins plane guard in a middle, seen during a reveal, is substantially not a finished product – presumably that or that there’s distant some-more to it than meets a eye.

BGR highlight’s Musk’s difference that a clutter-free cabin would “make some-more sense” in a future, observant a miss of controls and equipment with that a engineer can interact, over a executive touchscreen, steering circle and pedals, presumably prove some arrange of self-driving capabilities.

Musk has also tweeted that a Model 3 will feel like a “spaceship” on a inside, leading Jalopnik to envision a association has a immeasurable tip adult a sleeve.


The Model 3 looks set to be some-more unsentimental than a pre-production antecedent Tesla has shown.

For starters, a car’s small foot opening is set to change. Musk has taken on house patron qualms that it was too small to be unsentimental and a association claims it has addressed a issue, definition it should be easier to bucket incomparable items.

There are no central measure for conjunction foot nor newcomer space yet, though a Model 3 is a smaller automobile than a Model S saloon.
Electrek says a interior space will be flexible, interjection to folding seats, while Bloomberg cites “sources informed with a final design” who contend that a behind bank will overlay totally flat.

With a seats down, a car’s load brook will widen from a behind of a front seats to a finish of a boot, opening adult around 66ins of room.

Autopilot features

Tesla’s Autopilot apartment of unconstrained pushing aids has been one of a flagship facilities on a firm’s some-more dear Model S and Model X cars. It allows drivers to use involuntary steering, line changing and collision deterrence on highways and motorways, as good as enabling self-parking capabilities and a serve feature, that allows owners to utterly literally serve their cars from parking spots and garages.

While a high-tech facilities competence seem out of place in a automobile Tesla is penetrating to tab as affordable, Musk has reliable it will be streamer a Model 3’s way, reports Tech Insider, although you’ll have to compensate a fee to clear a self-driving modes, that a arch executive calls “convenience features”. At present, a complement exists on a Model S as a £2,100 additional if drivers opt for it when buying. It can be also activated around a module download, though that’s a somewhat some-more dear £2,500.

Just how endless a underline could be is adult for debate. It’s suspicion that a subsequent era Autopilot could concede entirely unconstrained driving, Electrek says, so should it arrive on a Model 3, it competence offer some-more than usually tier-three liberty on motorways.

Power, charging and range

The Model 3 will be means of during slightest 215 miles on a singular charge. That smallest is rumoured to be achieved with a battery smaller than 60 kWh, nonetheless it will be sole with a operation of packs. Cars with stronger batteries will not usually come with incomparable opening figures, though incomparable ranges, too.

One approach to boost a operation and opening will be to spec a Model 3 with a dual-motor powertrain. CarBuyer says drivers will be offering a choice of dual-motor, four-wheel expostulate electric propulsion, as on a Model S. They should be significantly faster than a two-wheel expostulate versions.

Tesla has kept a Model 3’s opening specifics to itself for now, but Auto Express has been for a float in one and says it should do 0-62mph in reduction than 6 seconds, while range-topping all-wheel expostulate variants should conduct 4.5secs. It has been reliable that a Ludicrous mode Model 3 will be accessible – a additional energy is an £8,300 choice on a Model S.

One of a many obscure aspects of a Model 3 has been a gummy emanate of charging. Tesla has a flourishing network of Supercharger stations dotted around pivotal routes opposite a US and Europe to concede a drivers discerning and giveaway top-ups on a go and they’re essential to creation long, all-electric journeys a picturesque proposition.

At a car’s reveal, Musk pronounced owners would get entrance to a stations and during first, it seemed they would be offering giveaway charging. However, he has given pronounced it won’t be thrown in as customary – and many now trust speccing it could be one of a car’s many dear options, entrance in during around £2,500, done in a one-off remuneration presumably when shopping a automobile or by a module ascent serve down a line.

However, a new news in Electrek suggests there competence be a second approach to capacitate a underline – “Supercharger Credits”.

Model 3 owners could be offering a pay-as-you-go subscription to a stations, says a site, permitting them to open an comment and simply compensate per kWh they need rather than for lifetime access.

If that happens, it could meant Tesla will cut a list cost of a other models – a Model S tavern and a Model X SUV, adds Electrek.  

Release and production

First deliveries are set for “late 2017” – and that’s as specific as Tesla will go for now. However, a prolonged watchful list means many business won’t get their cars until 2018, generally if they sequence now. UK buyers substantially won’t see a EV until afterwards neither.

We are still watchful for central prices, though Tesla has pronounced a Model 3 will start from around £30,000, with drivers carrying to compensate additional a likes of a twin motor, Supercharger entrance and Autopilot.

Tesla will have to severely step adult a stream prolongation total if a Model 3 is to be a success. Manufacturing jitters such as those that hampered a releases of a other cars contingency be ironed out.

The association skeleton to scale adult prolongation to 500,000 cars a year by 2018 and according to CNET, believes it can make between 100,000 to 200,000 Model 3s subsequent year.

Will a association accommodate a deadline?

Of course, Tesla’s past prolongation woes meant some are distrustful of Musk delivering by a finish of subsequent year.

Tesla has built and sole around 140,000 cars given a introduction of a Roadster in 2008, so stepping adult to broach 400,000 Model 3s over a subsequent integrate of years outlines a sea change in terms of a company’s prolongation capabilities.

Musk’s showman character and confidence, and a company’s announcements and skeleton to quick scale adult production, have kept many critics on side for now, though during slightest one researcher is presaging a initial Model 3s won’t be nearing in their allocated smoothness window.

Speaking to CNBC, Efraim Levy, a comparison equity researcher at Standard Poor’s Global, says he “wouldn’t bet” on a association creation a deadline.

Similarly, Electrek reports on a some-more tongue-in-cheek prophecy by US automobile repository Car and Driver, that says that formed on Tesla’s story of delays, a repeat opening would see a automobile pushed behind until Sep 2019.

Still, these forecasts are formed on one open eventuality to exhibit and plead a car. We’ll get a improved sense of how Tesla’s timeline looks a subsequent time we see a Model 3.

What’s next?

The launch and initial deliveries of a Model 3 will see Tesla parasite off a final box on a to-do list on a initial “Master Plan” – a set of goals Musk summarized in 2006 to rise his association into a pivotal actor in a automobile industry.

The Tesla arch had a three-pronged assault. The initial car, a Tesla Roadster, was a low-volume, high-price electric sports automobile used to stake a prolongation of a Model S, a mid-volume, mid-price family saloon.

Then afterwards paved a approach for a Model 3 – a high-volume, pretty labelled EV and a firm’s initial mass prolongation car.

Now “Master Plan Part Deux” has been revealed, surveying Tesla’s ambitions over subsequent year.

The Model 3 gets a demeanour in alongside discuss of new home products, tenure models, driverless cars and even a pick-up lorry alongside busses and lorries. Due to unconstrained technology, Musk says a cheaper automobile is “unlikely to be necessary” and a Model 3 is as low as Tesla will go for now.

Tesla Model 3: Will BMW opposition a electric car?

19 July

Tesla’s arriving Model 3 has been utterly a hype machine, with around 400,000 pre-order deposits taken given a exhibit in late March.

Elon Musk’s association is earnest buyers an all-electric automobile with a 215 mile-range minimum, high opening with underling 0-62mph times  and, during an additional cost, self-driving facilities and entrance to a Supercharger stations, one of a best and many expanded quick-charging networks.

Importantly, it’s a Tesla starting from £30,000 – a cheapest automobile a association has done and presenting a initial eventuality for many of a fans to buy one.

First deliveries are not scheduled until a finish of 2017 during a beginning – with many business set to wait into 2018 and over – heading some to assume on what a automotive landscape could demeanour like by then.

One of a new kids on a block, Auto Express reports, will be a BMW 3 Series that is due to arrive in 2018 and will come with a choice of a fully-electric powertrain, a eDrive, to opposition a Model 3.

The operation will also be accessible with plug-in hybrid powertrains and lay on an all new height utilising CO twine construction techniques called CLAR – Cluster Architecture – that will make a automobile significantly lighter, ideal for a pithy electric powertrain.

The electric powertrain is pronounced to use a 90kWh battery pack, that could potentially give it an all-electric operation of around 300 miles.

That would kick a Model 3’s 215 miles minimum, nonetheless that is for a entrance turn automobile with what’s rumoured to be a sub-60kWh battery. More absolute versions with bigger batteries will be an option.

In addition, a eDrive competence not launch until 2020, by that time a Model 3 should have been out prolonged adequate to aver upgrades with denser battery packs.

At a moment, there’s not adequate information as to either a rumoured electric 3 Series will hole Model 3 sales and clamp versa, says investment website Motley Fool. Tesla’s conduct start gives it a early advantage, though a eDrive will come from a reputable automotive hulk and is certain to be appealing to drive.

It could come down to cost. Many petrol and diesel versions of a 3 Series will be some-more or reduction on customary with a £30,000 cost tab of a Model 3, while a electric automobile could be labelled high adult a range. In addition, it competence be built in singular numbers, definition a Tesla would still be a cheapest track into reward electric motoring.

Tesla Model 3: Design tweak adds to practicality

12 July

Pencils will be downed for a Tesla Model 3’s pattern in usually a matter of days and arch executive Elon Musk has already taken to Twitter to share an critical change.

The Model 3 was introduced as a pre-production antecedent during “part one” of a car’s reveal in late March. A entirely production-ready chronicle is nonetheless to be seen – a association is saving that for “part two”.

While a automobile we’ve already seen should closely resemble what Tesla launches towards a finish of subsequent year, slight tweaks have been anticipated. It should positively be some-more practical, interjection to a passage and tuck around a back.

According to Electrek, intensity business been endangered about a stretch of a foot – March’s automobile boasted usually a small chute, potentially hampering a practicality.

However, Musk has reliable on Twitter that it has been “taken caring of”.

The Model 3 uses a large, fluctuating potion roof unconditional from a windshield into a behind haunch. Together with behind newcomer headroom requirements, this meant a pre-production automobile could usually be propitious with a small foot opening. 

Just how Tesla has accurate this stays to be seen, though Electrek believes a repair could operation from simply being means to make a opening incomparable to a automobile being accessible in dual apart configurations – one of them with a incomparable boot.

Tesla Model 3 held on video – watch a footage

21 June

The Tesla Model 3 isn’t scheduled to be on a roads until late 2017 – though one engineer has already speckled it being taken out for a spin.

YouTube user Jeff Klakring has uploaded a shave display a affordable electric vehicle, a matte-black series escorted by dual Model S saloons, cruising on a highway in Palo Alto, nearby Tesla’s California headquarters. 

The video has been picked adult by dedicated electric automobile blogs as good as a likes of Electrek, that says spotting a Model 3 out in a furious is singular – a final time it was held on camera by a member of a open was dual months ago.

The site adds that it can’t discern anything opposite about a automobile from what we’ve already seen in an central capacity. Even a really teenager demeanour during a interior, filmed when a car-spotter pulls alongside, suggests really small has altered – an engaging point, deliberation a Model 3 is approaching to be overhauled for partial dual of a reveal.

Teslarati manages to reap a bit some-more from a scoop, observant that a frame of tarmac a Model 3 is pushing on is “the CA highway 280 nearby a Tesla Motors HQ in Palo Alto, CA.

“This is a same stomping drift that saw open contrast of a Model X before to it entering production,” it adds.

Interestingly, a site says we could be looking during a final prolongation chronicle rather than a prototype. Tesla trainer Elon Musk has formerly pronounced a pattern would be finished by June, so “it’s utterly probable that we’re indeed saying a final chronicle of a rarely approaching mass marketplace electric vehicle”.

Tesla Model 3: Panasonic named as battery supplier

08 June

Tesla arch executive has once again taken to Twitter to provoke fans with a latest delicacy of information per a company’s much-hyped Model 3 car.

Following a news by Reuters yesterday that claimed a association is in talks with Samsung SDI to supply a batteries for a all-electric car, Elon Musk suggested that a cells will indeed be done by Panasonic.

He combined that a dual companies are resolutely married – Tesla’s Model S and Model X cars also use cells done by a Japanese tech firm.

As The Verge points out, it was suspicion that a understanding between Tesla and Samsung SDI was on a list in sequence to assistance cover a well-developed direct for a car.

After being suggested in pre-production format during a finish of March, Musk’s organisation has perceived roughly 400,000 pre-orders for a Model 3 and has had to change a prolongation schedule. The strange skeleton to make 500,000 cars a year by 2020 have been brought brazen dual years to 2018.

While a propitious few will accept their cars towards a finish of 2017, a immeasurable infancy on a watchful list demeanour set to take smoothness a following year.

Buyers don’t know where they are in a reserve nor how prolonged their wait competence be – though fans seem to have come opposite a approach to find out.

Electrek reports that a print on a Tesla Motor Clubs forum has detected a approach to find a reserve series around a My Tesla territory of a company’s website. Fans have set adult a Google Spreadsheet in an desirous bid to spell out a full watchful list.

Tesla Model 3: ‘Big’ exhibit entrance by finish of 2016

02 June

Tesla is scheming a “big” exhibit eventuality before a finish of a year to betray some-more information about a arriving affordable electric car, a Model 3.

Speaking on theatre during a Code Conference in California, arch executive Elon Musk pronounced that a car’s final pattern would be “complete pencils down” in around 6 weeks, reports The Verge.

His comments echoes those done during a discussion call with analysts in May.

Musk initial denounced a Model 3 on 31 March, presenting a driveable pre-production chronicle of a vehicle. But that was usually “part one” of a launch; partial dual should see a final design, as good as interior and full specifications done public.

It was when asked if a Model 3 would come with full Autopilot capabilities that a Tesla trainer hinted fans had a “big” exhibit eventuality to demeanour brazen to towards a finish 2016, implying that we could be see a final automobile before a year is out.

As for Autopilot, Tesla would “do a apparent thing”, he added.

Musk has formerly tweeted that partial dual of a car’s exhibit would be “super subsequent level”.

Given that a subsequent Model 3 eventuality has been unearthed by a doubt about Tesla Autopilot, it strongly suggests a automobile will come with some form of unconstrained capability.

As Fortune notes, Musk also reiterated his aspiration to broach entirely unconstrained cars by 2018. When a subsequent Model 3 eventuality after this year takes place, “the association would be usually one year divided from achieving a goal”.

Tesla Model 3: Owners won’t get giveaway Supercharging

1 June

Tesla has simplified one of a biggest unknowns surrounding a firm’s arriving affordable electric automobile – and it’s unsatisfactory news for buyers.

Despite announcing during a Model 3’s exhibit on 31 Mar that entrance to a company’s Supercharger network – 632 stations of 3,780 120kW quick chargers – would come as standard, arch executive Elon Musk has now reliable that drivers will have to pay.

At a moment, use of a Supercharger stations is giveaway for drivers of Tesla’s Model S tavern and Model X SUV.

“Free Supercharging essentially has a cost,” Bloomberg reports Musk revelation a annual shareholders assembly on Tuesday. “The apparent thing to do is decouple that from a cost of a Model 3. So it will still be really cheap, and distant cheaper than gasoline, to expostulate long-distance with a Model 3, though it will not be giveaway prolonged stretch for life unless we squeeze that package”.

He did not prove how many a “package” would be. However, as Electrek points out, original, reduce finish Model Ss regulating 40 and 60kWh battery packs can be upgraded for Supercharging use during a cost of $2,500 (£1,730).

“Based on Musk’s comments, it sounds like a identical choice will be offering to Model 3 buyers,” adds a site – a one-off price compared to a subscription.

Supercharging can fill adult a Tesla automobile for an additional 170 miles in around 30 minutes, creation it hugely renouned on prolonged stretch drives. “Some stations along pivotal routes are already jam-packed,” says The Verge, adding that a introduction of a mass-produced Tesla indication with giveaway Supercharging could tip a stream network over a edge.

The association has skeleton to enhance a network regardless. The stream figure of some-more than 3,700 chargers will double to in additional of 7,000 subsequent year, with around 15,000 operative units worldwide targeted for 2018.

Tesla to horde gigafactory’s grand opening in July

31 May

Telsa Motors will open a gigantic gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, in July, reports Stuff.

The “gargantuan” site is being rushed into movement to ramp adult Tesla’s prolongation capabilities as it tackles a 400,000-strong list of pre-orders for a stirring Model 3.

However, while a grand opening is set for Jul 29, commentators doubt a venue will be entirely operational by afterwards as a few weeks ago, it was reported to be usually one-eighth built.

Tesla suggested a launch date in an email to business who had won tickets to a opening by a company’s automobile mention program, says Fortune. After a summary was posted on Reddit, Tesla reliable that a “customer-focused launch eventuality will start that night”.

The 130-acre gigafactory, that will furnish a dear lithium-ion batteries indispensable for a Model 3, is essential to Tesla’s skeleton to accelerate production. “Having one vast bureau dedicated to creation a batteries, and doing so during a immeasurable scale, should expostulate down costs and boost potency over time,” writes Stuff’s Andrew Hayward.

Elon Musk’s association hopes to broach a initial Model 3s during a finish of subsequent year, nonetheless a bureau won’t strech full prolongation until 2020. At that stage, it should be means to assistance Tesla accommodate a desirous aim of creation 500,000 electric cars per year.

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