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Teen Inspired by ‘Slender Man’ Set House on Fire: Police

Teen Inspired by ‘Slender Man’ Set House on Fire: Police

PHOTO: Deputies contend a 14-year-old lady set glow to her home regulating a multiple of whiten and rum after an evidence with her family.

A 14-year-old lady was arrested after allegedly environment her family’s residence on glow in what authorities think is a latest box of Slender Man-inspired violence.

The think was arrested early Thursday after, military said, she dripping a towel and bed piece in whiten and rum and illuminated it on glow in a garage of her Port Richey, Florida, home. As abandon spread, she fled to a circuitously park and slept in a bathroom, according to a Pasco Sheriff’s Office military report.

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The state attorney’s bureau has not nonetheless motionless either to assign a lady as an adult, so ABC News is self-denial her name.

The teen’s mom and her 9-year-old hermit transient a glow unharmed. At one point, a mom ran behind inside a residence to demeanour for her daughter, though couldn’t find her. The home was destroyed.

Police found a think shortly thereafter during a park, where she told a investigator she was reading an e-book called “Soul Eater.”

“There’s a partial in this book where dual characters get into a quarrel with any other,” Sheriff Chris Nocco pronounced during a news discussion on Thursday. “All of a sudden, that clicked something in her mind and she motionless she was going to kill her family.”

The teen also told military she had been reading about Slender Man, a online impression who allegedly encouraged dual 12-year-old Wisconsin girls to gash their crony 19 times in May.

“She had visited a website that contains a lot of a Slender Man information and stories,” Eddie Daniels of a Pasco Sheriff’s Office told ABC News. “It would be protected to contend there is a tie to that.”

After a glow and while military were acid for a suspect, a lady texted her mom to apologize, saying, “Mom Im so contemptible we dont know because we did it,” and, “Did any of u get hurt,” according to a military report.

She had a bag containing bottled water, cookies, knives, lighters and flashlights. Police also found a biography in that a teen allegedly wrote about “killing” and said, “If this keeps adult there will be no safty in this house,” a news said.

She remained in military control and was charged with attempted murder. Her mom could not be reached for comment. Police did not know if a think had an attorney.

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