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Team USA pulls divided from Slovenia to allege to semis

Team USA pulls divided from Slovenia to allege to semis

BARCELONA, Spain (AP) — On a map, Slovenia is a poser to a U.S. basketball team.

“Do we know where Slovenia is?” core DeMarcus Cousins was asked by a European publisher Monday.

“No,” Cousins responded. “Do we know where Alabama is?”

On a basketball court, a Americans know accurately where to look: on a perimeter.

Goran Dragic and a Slovenians are a tiny organisation that thrives on a outward yet struggles to urge a interior. The Americans will demeanour to float their distance advantage to a quarterfinal feat Tuesday during a Basketball World Cup.

The teams met in an muster diversion only before a tournament, and a Americans cruised to a 101-71 victory. Anthony Davis scored 18 points and Kenneth Faried combined 14 as a U.S. large organisation dominated their tiny foes.

“They do not urge in their normal use a lot of a things that we do, so they’re not accustomed to being inside,” U.S. manager Mike Krzyzewski said. “So a guys have to take advantage of that. Not so most posting, yet for descent rebounds.”

Krzyzewski was discerning to note that a Slovenians were handling Dragic’s mins in a muster and that they have given improved.

“But for us, too, we’ve gotten improved given then,” Krzyzewski said.

And Slovenia hasn’t gotten bigger.

Only 5 players on a register are 6-foot-7 or taller, while a U.S. register lists 8 players who are during slightest that big. The Americans had a whopping 50-22 advantage in points in a paint in a initial game, yet a 6-foot-11 Cousins wouldn’t contend that bigger always means better.

“Slovenia’s a tough team. It doesn’t unequivocally matter a distance we would say,” he said. “Everybody has a opposite form of personification character and we consider a personification character kind of wore them down. So hopefully we could do that a subsequent diversion as well.”

Cousins wasn’t most of a cause then, yet has emerged as a absolute arms off a dais for a Americans. He has scored in double total in any of a final 3 games, and shot 5 for 5 in dual of them, including Saturday’s 86-63 feat over Mexico.

Slovenia modernized with a 71-61 feat over a Dominican Republic behind 12 points from Dragic, a Phoenix Suns’ star indicate guard, and 18 from his brother, Zoran.

The Slovenians went into a final day of a organisation theatre in position to equivocate a Americans until a semifinals, yet their detriment to Lithuania, following Australia’s detriment to Angola, forsaken Slovenia into a other half of a U.S. bracket. The basketball ruling physique FIBA is questioning Australia’s detriment since it seemed a players might have stopped perplexing to urge late. The detriment changed a Australians out of a intensity quarterfinal matchup with a U.S., however they mislaid a initial rejecting diversion to Turkey.

“It’s too bad that we have now USA, yet of march we can't do nothing. We only go to face them and try to win,” Zoran Dragic said.

With a Dragic brothers heading a way, Krzyzewski pronounced a Slovenians can put 5 3-point shooters on a building during one time. But if they’re not hitting, a U.S. can overflow Goran Dragic, as it did in holding him to 3-for-11 sharpened in a muster rout.

Dragic was in tainted difficulty that night, as were copiousness of teammates who struggled to urge bigger players. The U.S. shot 46 giveaway throws, while Slovenia was only 10 of 17.

The leader will face Lithuania or Turkey on Thursday night.

Krzyzewski pronounced a Americans have to forget a warmup game, and Faried pronounced there was no diversion devise to bruise a round inside like final time. As for a basketball cliche that a good large organisation beats a good tiny team?

“We’ll see what happens tomorrow,” Faried said. “If we win, afterwards hey, a cliche is right. But if we don’t, afterwards hey, a cliche was wrong. So we don’t know.”

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