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Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" Is About Katy Perry, Not Miley Cyrus

Taylor Swift’s "Bad Blood" Is About Katy Perry, Not Miley Cyrus

You’re gonna hear them roar. Ever given Taylor Swift told Rolling Stone that she’d created a song, “Bad Blood,” about her adversary with a associate womanlike artist, conjecture has been prevalent about who a artist in doubt is. Some have mentioned Miley Cyrus as a possibility, though an strenuous series of fans consider a lane is a puncture during Katy Perry — and sources tell Us Weekly those fans are right.

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Perry herself fueled a conjecture when she tweeted about an unnamed meant lady on Tuesday, Sept. 9, a day after Rolling Stone‘s story went live. “Watch out for a Regina George in sheep’s clothing…” a “Roar” songstress, 29, wrote, referring to Rachel McAdams‘ impression in Mean Girls.

“Katy knows Taylor’s strain is about her, that is because she tweeted that,” one insider tells Us, observant that both stars can be “very competitive.” The source adds that a associate chart-toppers used to be during slightest amicable, though that a genuine loyalty between them never flourished.

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Indeed, Swift, 24, told Rolling Stone that she wasn’t unequivocally certain where she stood with a unnamed lady in “Bad Blood” until flattering recently.

“For years, we was never certain if we were friends or not,” a “Shake It Off” thespian explained. “She would come adult to me during awards shows and contend something and travel away, and we would think, ‘Are we friends, or did she only give me a harshest insult of my life?’ [Then final year] she did something so horrible. we was like, ‘Oh, we’re only straight-up enemies.’ And it wasn’t even about a guy!”

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That might not be wholly true. Both stars antiquated John Mayer, and Swift certified after in her Rolling Stone talk that there might have been a “personal” component to a conflict. “But we don’t consider there would be any personal problem if she weren’t competitive,” she told a mag.

The categorical source of tension, she said, was business. “She fundamentally attempted to harm an whole locus tour,” Swift alleged. “She attempted to sinecure a garland of people out from underneath me.”

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Those people, a initial source tells Us, were her dancers — who worked for Perry first. “They were constant to Katy when it came time to launch a Prism tour,” a insider says. “She didn’t take them. Taylor only employed them when they weren’t operative for Katy.”

Fans who speculated about Swift’s attribute with Cyrus aren’t indispensably wrong about them not removing along, though a “Wrecking Ball” thespian “didn’t take [Taylor’s] debate people,” a second source tells Us. “She’s not a concentration of a song.” That said, a source adds, “Miley is rival with Taylor.” (As some fans have noted, Cyrus looked unimpressed during Swift’s opening during a VMAs this year.) See pics of a celebs on Taylor’s good side.

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