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TAPInto internal Travels – Westfield Jazz Festival on Wednesday

TAPInto internal Travels – Westfield Jazz Festival on Wednesday

WESTFIELD, NJ — If we are looking for internal skeleton for Wednesday night, TAPinto Travels found this glorious thought from one of a internal bureaus.  Please note: Wednesday is a reliable sleet date.

The 20th Annual Sweet Sounds Downtown Jazz Festival, holding place Tuesday nights in Jul and Aug from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., hosts a seventh dusk on Wednesday, Aug. 17 with giveaway outside concerts by 5 bands during locations via Downtown Westfield. (Rain date Aug. 17 has been called and confirmed)

The festival is sponsored by a Downtown Westfield Corporation.

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Your finish beam to week 7 bands:

East Broad Street and North Avenue West: Stringbean and a Stalkers. Bluesman Ken “Stringbean” Sorensen and his rope take honour in their authentic sound, with song that contains elements of blues, classical nation and funk.

Elm Street (in front of a Baptist Church): Dave Leonhardt Trio. Leonhardt leads his contingent as a jazz pianist and composer. He has trafficked a world, behaving live and on television. To date, Leonhardt has expelled 25 CDs. He gives educational clinics worldwide.

Central Avenue (in front of Banana Republic): Jim Cohen: Steel Guitar Jazz. As an early fan for stone and nation music, Cohen found his passion in pedal steel guitar. He specializes in jazz, nation and pitch song as good as singular arrangements of jazz, cocktail and classical stone tunes.

North Avenue West and Elm Street: VooDUDES. The VooDUDES are an eager rope of musicians who perform a accumulation of styles trimming from New Orleans funk, blues, boogie-woogie and honky-tonk to Zydeco, Southern essence and Caribbean celebration music. The VooDUDES have brought their different operation of styles all over a universe and to many song festivals. Their strange compositions have been published in 6 CDs.

Foundation Park (South Avenue West and Westfield Avenue): B.D. Lenz. Guitarist and composer B.D. Lenz has been widely praised for his comfortable jazz and stone sounds. According to a examination in a Morning Call, “Lenz strives to say accessibility, blending in his possess strange song with jazz standards, cocktail and stone songs.” He is famous to electrify his audiences with his healthy musicality.

The Downtown Westfield Corporation is an advertiser on TAP into Westfield. To learn about apropos an advertiser, email or call 917-676-2302.

Soo Min Chung is a tyro during Westfield High School participating in a broadcasting module with TAP into Westfield.

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