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Talking Points: Bachmann Leaving Congress, Not Politics

Talking Points: Bachmann Leaving Congress, Not Politics

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – After 8 years in Congress, one of Minnesota’s best famous domestic total is withdrawal office.

But Rep. Michele Bachmann isn’t withdrawal quietly.

In her final weeks representing a 6th Congressional District, she has continued to strife with a Obama Administration and make a kinds of confidant statements that have done her a regressive idol and angry her many critics.

The doubt now is: What’s subsequent for this Tea Party favorite and former presidential candidate?

Recently at a White House Christmas Party, she told Obama he should explosve Iran in sequence to idle a country’s nuclear capabilities. She has also oral out opposite a President’s immigration offer and denounced his devise to normalize ties with Cuba.

She says she will be only as outspoken in her retirement.

She skeleton to make speeches around a nation and write editorials. While for now she is statute out another run for a White House, she promises to be really active in a 2016 presidential race, generally if Hilary Rodham Clinton runs.

“While portion on a comprehension committee, we was means to have front quarrel chair on Mrs. Clinton during with a Benghazi tragedy, with her unsuccessful Russian reset, also she…was a designer behind opening adult a doorway to Cuba,” Bachmann pronounced on WCCO Sunday Morning.

She also pronounced she can offer discernment on what it’s like to run for boss as a woman.

If Bachmann changes her mind on using for boss herself or any other office, she will be good positioned. She has continued to lift income for her domestic movement committee, and she can use that income to financial other possibilities or causes, including any destiny run she creates for domestic office.

Watch a full talk with Bachmann in a video above.

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