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Sustaining drives critical as Eastside travels to Madison County

Sustaining drives critical as Eastside travels to Madison County

COVINGTON — The Eagles are going to have to make certain they keep focused on Madison County and try not to consider about their win over Alcovy is they wish to go 2-0 in a deteriorate as they transport to antagonistic domain during Dainelsville for their 7:30 p.m. diversion on Friday.

“Anytime we play opposite a opposition opponent, a subsequent week we tend to get into a mental letdown,” Eastside conduct manager Rick Hurst said. “We’re personification on a highway and for a initial time many of these guys will unequivocally be unprotected to an sourroundings that’s a small bit hostile. But it’s a good sourroundings to play in. They’re personification assured with dual wins underneath their belt. We have to over there and wish we don’t live off final week and try to get better.”

The final dual times a Red Raiders (2-0) started a deteriorate with dual wins it did not spin out good for them as they mislaid 3 true final deteriorate and 4 in a quarrel in 2006. If a Eagles (1-0) wish to keep them from going 3-0, they are going to make certain they know their assignments as Madison County is now personification some-more of a widespread offense like Eastside.

“They have some decent athletes yet they do have a lot of guys that go both ways so hopefully that will play to a preference after in a game,” Hurst said.

The Eagles invulnerability also have to keep an eye out on quarterback changes. When quarterback Cade Hancock is in a backfield a Red Raiders tend to chuck a round as he is averaging 15 yards per reception. Even yet quarterback Ethan South throws a ball, he is Madison County’s categorical using threat. He has a many carries with 20 attempts in dual diversion for 134 yards.

The Eagles invulnerability will have to keep them in check by creation certain they scold a fixing issues they had final week that cost them to give adult a touchdown and too many yards.

“We gave adult a prolonged drive, aided by a integrate of penalties, yet nothing a reduction they did a good pursuit of creation some plays. We got out of fixing on a touchdown. It was partly they did some good things and we didn’t do some unequivocally good things on that drive,” Hurst said. “We had some issues on a open-field rebellious and also some fixing issues yet we were means to keep them out of a finish zone.

“If a invulnerability gives adult yards from a 20-to-20, as prolonged as we don’t mangle and give adult 6 points, I’m not too endangered about how many yards we give up. Although a yardage does keep us (offense) a field.”

Offensively, a Eagles are going to have to continue run a round by commitee that incited out good creation certain they have uninformed legs in a backfield late in a game.

Eric Stokes led a seven-runner backfield with 10 rushes for 118 yards and a touchdown with 3 runners, Austin Holloway, Carlos Huggins and Andrew Henderson, gaining some-more than 40.

“We have to continue run a football. When we demeanour during it that approach it gives we a mixed organisation of weapons we can always call on. Last week we had a good week using and throwing. But this week we have to unequivocally combine of gripping a offense on a field,” Hurst said. “Last week we had some brief one-play drives yet it would be good to be means to get a 10-12 play expostulate to keep a invulnerability off a field.

“We have Madison County entrance adult and a for initial time in awhile they’re personification with some confidence, we can tell. We’re going to have a hands full over there. We have to continue to swell and urge weekly.”

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