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Sundance Watch: Celebs speak fest, iPhone film premieres

Sundance Watch: Celebs speak fest, iPhone film premieres

PARK CITY, Utah — The Associated Press is all over a Sundance Film Festival, from a premieres to a Hollywood glitz. Here’s what they’ve seen and heard:



From Kevin Bacon to Ethan Hawke, stars contend they can’t get adequate of a Sundance Film Festival.

Bacon walked a festival’s swarming Main Street with mother Kyra Sedgwick, observant that he initial visited in 1989 with her.

“It was entrance behind to me today, since a tour form top Main Street to down here was — we know — it’s a flattering heated kind of outing — and it was so mellow, man. It was usually a handful of people there,” he said. “We kind of strolled into a museum and we watched The Big Picture and talked about it a small bit thereafter and eventually we went home and we never could have illusory what it would become.”

Hawke returned to a festival with “Ten Thousand Saints” and another Oscar assignment underneath his belt for “Boyhood,” that premiered during Sundance final year.

“The law is I’ve had a lot of fun during this festival. We premiered ‘Before Sunrise’ here. We premiered ‘Reality Bites’ here. Those were unequivocally pivotal moments in my life,” he said. “And ‘Before Midnight’ premiered here, ‘Boyhood.’ It’s a small good fitness attract for me. I’ve never had a film we wasn’t unapproachable of to be compared with here.”

—By Ryan Pearson



One Sundance film was literally phoned in — a transgender prostitute story “Tangerine.”

The film that premiered Friday during a Sundance Film Festival follows dual characters Alexandra and Sin-Dee on a furious Christmas Eve night in Los Angeles as one chases after her pimp. It was shot wholly regulating iPhone 5s phones with anamorphic lens adapters.

“It done it some-more cinematic and we used this good app called Filmic Pro. And all of these total … unequivocally gave us a unequivocally unique, unequivocally opposite demeanour and that’s something that we were perplexing to grasp with this film, since also a theme matter is kind of different,” executive Sean Baker said.

It was a initial vital purpose for transgender singer Mya Taylor, who co-stars with genuine life crony Kiki Kitana Rodriguez.

The film comes during a impulse when transgender characters are being seen some-more than ever in mainstream media, including Golden Globe leader Jeffrey Tambor’s impression on a Amazon uncover “Transparent” and Laverne Cox on Netflix’s “Orange is a New Black.”

“I’m unequivocally happy about what’s going on with transgender people entrance out into a screen, since it’s unheard of, we know? … I’m unapproachable of those shows, we consider they’re smashing and this brings a good appendage to it, since it kind of brings we inside some of a lives of transgender people,” Taylor said.

—By Ryan Pearson



“I’m a highbrow of film in a connoisseur film propagandize NYU and my students were a ones who introduced me to crowdfunding, throng sourcing. we had never listened of Indiegogo. I’d never listened of Kickstarter until they told me this is how they were financing their films.”

— Spike Lee on what he’s training from his students about filmmaking.



Robert Redford took “A Walk in a Woods” to his possess Sundance Film Festival.

The 78-year-old actor, executive and writer had prolonged hoped to adjust Bill Bryson’s 1998 transport book about dual friends hiking a Appalachian Trail. It finally came together final year, and executive Ken Kwapis submitted it to a festival executive though Redford’s knowledge.

And that’s how Redford finished adult creation a rounds to media outlets during a festival that he helped launch some-more than 30 years ago.

“The circumstances, maybe we can call them weird, though we usually call them serendipitous. It’s usually one of those things that came together. It does feel bizarre with Bill Bryson sitting subsequent to me. That’s a small strange. We were sitting in a screening final night. we found myself shaken that he was sitting subsequent to me and we was personification him,” Redford said.

Nick Nolte was expel to fill a partial of Katz, a crony that accompanies Bryson on his walk. The dual actors shifted a concentration of a film from rediscovering America to also introspective their possess mortality.

The 73-year-old Nolte pronounced a dual take somewhat opposite approaches privately to aging — though he was blissful to make a crony by a film.

“This we like since I’ve usually got genocide left, we know. And that’s all Bob has. Of course, he denies that though we know — that’s a large event. we do have a 7-year-old daughter so that’s been a blessing. It sparks we alive, it unequivocally does,” Nolte said. “Bob has been a good further as distant as friends in my life. Not usually as an actor though as a friend.”

“A Walk in a Woods” does not nonetheless have a US distributor. The Sundance Film Festival continues by subsequent weekend.

—By Ryan Pearson



“There’s something of a insurance of people’s private passionate fantasies, we think, that is kind of a humorous contrariety in this nation means everybody’s like spooky with sex. we privately have no problem with that. What we have a problem with is that a tipping indicate — it became that it was so pro-forma for women to be sexualized on a mainstream turn that it’s a usually approach to be sexy. It’s usually this one approach and it’s a porn way, it’s a stripper way.”

— Rashida Jones on what drew her to furnish a Sundance documentary “Hot Girls Wanted.”



The story of a loner who befriends a associate high propagandize tyro with leukemia has turn a dermatitis strike of a Sundance Film Festival.

Fox Searchlight bought “Me and Earl and a Dying Girl” after a well-received premiere Sunday for a reported $12 million, a record cost for a Sundance movie.

The film stars Thomas Mann as a Greg Gaines — a “me” in a title, and British singer Olivia Cooke is a “dying girl,” while visitor RJ Cyler is “Earl” — Gaines’ best friend. The assembly during Sundance’s Eccles entertainment gave a film a five-minute station acclaim as credits rolled.

“It was unequivocally emotional. We had seen a film before though apparently it’s a unequivocally opposite knowledge saying it with a outrageous organisation of people who have no thought what they’re about to see. And afterwards a credits start rolling and everybody stands adult and starts clapping. we mean, we start bawling. It’s overwhelming,” Mann said.

Cooke pronounced she was sobbing.

“Molly Shannon was subsequent to me and her stomach kind of crumpled and she was like, ‘huh huh,’ bawling her eyes out,” she said. “I couldn’t. we was a wreck. That was embarrassing.”

—By Ryan Pearson



Stars are consistently swarmed by fans during a Sundance Film Festival, though there’s one place they can find anonymity: On a slopes.

Wearing a helmet and goggles, “Entourage” star Adrian Grenier was usually another snowboarder out carrying fun.

“I schooled to house when we initial came here for a festival,” he said, chubby his boots into a bindings. “And I’ve been behind each year for a past 10 years.”

The actor-producer came to a festival to support his latest non-”Entourage” project, a documentary called “The Lonely Whale.” He’s assembly with intensity investors and announced skeleton to launch a Kickstarter debate subsequent month to financial a film, that follows a unique whale off a seashore of California who has been singing for years though a response.

But a 38-year-old done certain to set aside a day for snowboarding — a perfect, balmy Monday with no crowds or lift lines during Park City Mountain Resort. His initial stop was a Neffland turf park, where he attempted several jumps and tricks.

“I have no business doing this,” he pronounced before throwing air.

After shredding a hill, Grenier swooped into a Stella Artois Cafe on Main Street for a discerning lunch, then, reduction a helmet and goggles, attempted unsuccessfully to mix into a festival crowd, camera-wielding fans trailing behind.

—By Sandy Cohen

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