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Study finds cancer-causing chemicals in Mesa County water

Study finds cancer-causing chemicals in Mesa County water

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KJCT) — A non-profit called a Environmental Working Group (EWG) tested some-more than 60,000 samples of celebration H2O opposite America. Their investigate finds Mesa County H2O might be worse for your health than we think.

“It’s unequivocally deliberation generally with small kids, we wish to get them to splash H2O all a time, stay hydrated and a seems like If we splash some-more it will be worse for you, all things considered,” pronounced one internal mom, Cassidy Palmer.

The investigate shows a cancer-causing chemical, Chromium-6, was found in a infancy of samples of Mesa County water.

“Everybody has a right to purify water, it’s kind of a simple prerequisite we have to have it,” pronounced Palmer.

Others contend it’s a luxury, generally after roving abroad.

“Coming behind to a U.S. and meaningful that your celebration H2O is safe, that we can get giveaway H2O out of a celebration fountain, and feel good about it since it’s healthy,” pronounced traveler Krystal Trejo. “If that altered and we didn’t trust a H2O it would be a large change for a lifestyles.

Managers during Ute H2O — that serves about 85,000 business in a Grand Valley — contend celebration H2O is positively safe.

“Any municipality or domestic H2O has to follow unequivocally difficult limitation form both inhabitant and state organizations,” ,” pronounced Joseph Burtard, External Affairs Manager for a Ute Water Conservatory District. “So any year we send a exam outcome out to those agencies, and we are hold accountable for those results.”

Burtard pronounced formula came behind negative.

“The past 3 uninterrupted tests that we’ve done, uncover 0 showing of Chromium in a source water, we are unequivocally advantageous that we get a tender H2O from a grand mesa since we are a initial users of that water,” pronounced Burtard.

“I’ll opt toward bottle H2O instead of daub water, other than that, we substantially wouldn’t make a outrageous efforts to change things, all we do has potentially deleterious effects,” pronounced Trejo.

Burtard explained that switching to bottle water, won’t indispensably solve a emanate since many bottled H2O comes from other municipalities opposite a nation.

According to a EWG, Montrose County H2O tested disastrous for any levels of Chromium-6, distinct mixed counties on a Front Range.

If we wish to know how some-more about a peculiarity of your celebration water, Ute H2O encourages business to hit them or see a news related on a right side of this screen.

If you’d like to see a full EWG and review other counties tested, click on a full news also on a right of this screen.

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