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Strip clubs, ethanol derailed a general, examiner general’s news shows

Strip clubs, ethanol derailed a general, examiner general’s news shows

WASHINGTON — A array of visits to frame clubs in Seoul and Rome with names like Candy Bar and Cica Cica Boom paid for with his supervision credit label helped land a former troops help to Defense Secretary Ash Carter in career-ending trouble, a news expelled Thursday by Pentagon examiner ubiquitous shows.

Maj. Gen. Ron Lewis, one of Carter’s closest aides, was dismissed final Nov after an undisclosed incident. He is one of a array of high-ranking Army officers who have had their careers derailed since of extramarital affairs, unapproved uses of supervision resources and trips to frame and sex clubs.

Thursday’s news sheds light on the November incident and many others. Lewis, a news said, “engaged in a march of inapt function that enclosed condescending an investiture off-limits to U.S. troops personnel, celebration to additional in public, and crude interactions with females.”

On a night of Nov. 5-6, 2015, on a outing to Hawaii with Carter, Lewis consumed 11 alcoholic beverages with a womanlike enlisted use member, who was also celebration heavily, a news said. Witnesses pronounced they saw Lewis and a lady on a beach nearby their hotel with Lewis’ arms around her. Afterward, another womanlike central on a outing told Lewis he was “being unequivocally stupid” and attempted to get a enlisted lady divided from his hotel room, a news said.

Allegations about Lewis’ control in Hawaii were forwarded to Carter’s staff on Nov. 9, a news said. After a rough investigation, Carter was told on Nov. 10. Carter’s arch of staff told a examiner ubiquitous a day after that Lewis would be fired, that happened on Nov. 12.

In his response to a examiner general’s investigation, Lewis pronounced he was “aware of my mistakes, errors in judgement, and perceptions we might have created,” though he criticized a investigation, denied sex bar visits purported in a report and pronounced a relationship with a woman in Hawaii — and another in Malaysia — were mischaracterized.

Lewis was one of a highest-ranking African American officers in a Army, that has had problems diversifying a officer corps. Lewis was promoted to vital ubiquitous in Jan 2015 and had served as a Army’s arch spokesman. He became Carter’s comparison troops partner in Jun 2015, a pursuit that brought a graduation to major general, a arrange he mislaid when he was fired.

In Sep 2014, Lewis, a helicopter pilot, told USA TODAY a Army leadership “does have an movement devise in place” to boost a series of minority officers in fight commands. “And it’s complicated.”

Off boundary in Seoul

In Seoul, a news said, Lewis spent some-more than $1120 one night in Apr 2015 during a Candy Bar, that had been deemed off boundary by troops authorities.

Lewis, a news said, gave an 81% tip during a Candy Bar, that is in a partial of a South Korean collateral famous as “Hooker Hill” to use members formed in a Seoul area of Itaewon.

The commander in Seoul “designated a series of establishments in a Hooker Hill area of Itaewon as off-limits establishments since of their ties to unlawful activities, such as prostitution, tranquil substances, and underage drinking,” a news said. “Off-limits orders demarcate U.S. troops crew from condescending those establishments.”

Despite a off-limits ban, Lewis went to a Candy Bar anyway, a news said. Afterward, he denied that a check on his supervision credit label record was his, and a Pentagon challenged a check and got Lewis a new card.

Cica Cica Boom in Rome

In Rome, a news said, Lewis visited a Cica Cica Boom bar on Oct. 7, 2015, during a outing to a Italian collateral with Carter. There, a news said, Lewis ran adult a $1755.98 check while dancing with women and celebration to “more than moderation.” The club, a news said, featured signs outward “advertising ‘Sexy Show,’ ‘Fans Club,’ and ‘Lap Dance.'”

Unable to compensate a check with his withdraw card, Lewis returned to his hotel with a “female unfamiliar inhabitant employee” of a bar to get his supervision credit card.

While during a hotel, a news said, Lewis awakened a womanlike subordinate whose room was in a same corridor as Carter’s. The subordinate told investigators “she suspicion it was ‘very odd’ that MG Lewis asked for his [government credit card] and that she ‘felt like something wrong was about to happen, though we wasn’t in a place to tell him, No.'”

Generals left wild

The recover of a news on Lewis follows those conducted on Army Maj. Gen. David Haight, who had a pivotal post during a U.S. European Command, and Brig. Gen. Michael Bobeck, a former ubiquitous with a Joint Chiefs of Staff. Haight was relieved of his post in May after investigators detected he had an 11-year event with a lady that enclosed mixed trips to sex clubs opposite a country. The supposed “swinging general” is now confronting a troops row to establish a arrange with that he will retire.

Bobeck was dismissed for carrying an extramarital affair, troops annals show. Interviews and annals showed he had also negotiated a pursuit and lived rent-free in a home of a invulnerability contractor, and Sen. Claire McCaskill, D-Mo., has asked a Pentagon examiner ubiquitous to examine Bobeck’s tie with a contractor.

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