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Steve Ballmer thinks Windows phones should run Android apps

Steve Ballmer thinks Windows phones should run Android apps

Last month The Verge reported that Project Astoria, Microsoft’s devise to move Android apps to a Windows 10 Mobile platform, has been put on hold, though it seems one critical figure from a company’s new story would remonstrate with that decision. Steve Ballmer, Microsoft’s former CEO and a biggest particular shareholder, wasn’t happy with stream arch Satya Nadella’s answer to a doubt about a miss of Windows phone apps during a company’s annual shareholder meeting.

The assembly member was seeking Nadella about what Microsoft skeleton to do about a miss of support for critical mobile apps like Starbucks, according to Bloomberg. Nadella cited a company’s bid to get developers to emanate universal apps opposite PC, mobile, and Xbox, though Ballmer pronounced “That won’t work.” Instead, Windows phones need to be means to “run Android apps,” he reportedly said. Under Microsoft’s stream plans, there’ll still be a track for developers to pier iOS apps to Windows.

Ballmer says Microsoft’s cloud numbers are “bullshit”

This all might seem a small abounding entrance from a male who presided over Microsoft’s mobile foundering with an impassioned hostility to acquire other platforms — it’s positively easier for him to take this position now. But with some-more and some-more high-profile apps indeed leaving a Windows Store altogether, it’s transparent that Microsoft needs a convincing app plan if a latest mobile beginning is to benefit any belligerent during all.

Elsewhere, Ballmer bloody Microsoft’s stating of cloud gain as “bullshit,” arguing that “they should news a revenue, not a run rate. It’s arrange of a pivotal metric — if they speak about it as pivotal to a company, they should news it.” Microsoft posts a cloud business total as an extrapolated rate for a year, though Ballmer is pronounced to trust that some-more avowal is indispensable since a margins for cloud services are reduce than Microsoft’s normal program products.

“We suffer a unchanging discourse with Steve, and acquire his submit and feedback, as we do from the other investors,” Chris Suh, Microsoft’s ubiquitous manager for financier relations, pronounced in a statement.

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