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STATE POLICE: Garland Man Wanted For Questioning Charged With Killing …

STATE POLICE: Garland Man Wanted For Questioning Charged With Killing …

Erica Stapleton

Posted Sunday, Dec 21st, 2014 during 11:20 pm.

Updated 41 mins ago


State Police contend they’ve arrested a Garland male after they found a lady and dual children passed in a mobile home Saturday night.

27-year-old Keith Coleman has been charged with murdering his partner and her dual children, a 3 people found in a Garland home.

Police contend a victims in what they are job a domestic assault homicide, have been identified as 36-year-old Christina Sargent and her daughter and son, 8-year-old Destiny Sargent and ten-year-old Duwayne Coke.

The detain comes after military spent many of Sunday acid for Coleman, who was primarily wanted for questioning.

The hunt finished in Bucksport Sunday afternoon.

“When we was entrance behind into city we satisfied they were entrance from a Orrington area into Bucksport, explains Phil Lebreton, a Bucksport proprietor during a scene.  “We were curious, we came out to see what was going on and developing.”

State Police contend they located Keith Coleman in Bucksport, after acid for him a infancy of a day.

Police began looking for Coleman after they detected a bodies of a lady and dual children during a Garland home, where they trust Coleman was staying.

Deputies went to check on a home during a ask of kin around 10 o’ time Saturday night.

The Garland village is disorder as a review continues.

“It’s devastating,” says Angela Kimball, a Garland resident.  “I have to surprise my kids of a conditions and it’s hard.  It’s hard.”

People in Garland contend they’ve seen Coleman around city with a lady found during a home.

“I wait on him utterly frequently ’cause we customarily work nights,” Kimball shares.  “He was in Friday night and was unequivocally nice, no problems.”

Police devise on doubt Coleman, he was taken into control after he was located.

Police cruise a 3 deaths suspicious.

“We don’t know,” Kimball tells.  “It only creates everybody around here disturbed and wondering if it can occur to them and their family, we don’t know.”

Police have not given any information on how a lady and children died.

Their bodies were taken to a State Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta for autopsies.

We’re told Coleman is being taken to Penobscot County Jail and his initial justice coming will be early this week.

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