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State jobless rate now during 4.1 percent

State jobless rate now during 4.1 percent

Massachusetts stagnation rate fell somewhat in July, reaching a lowest indicate in roughly 15 years, a Executive Office of Labor and Workforce Development pronounced Thursday.

The stagnation rate for Jul was 4.1 percent, and a state’s open and private employers combined an estimated 7,300 jobs for a month.


The final time a Massachusetts stagnation rate was during 4.1 percent was Sep 2001, when George W. Bush was president.

The largest gains came in a professional, systematic and business services sector, that combined 4,600 jobs in a month. Leisure and liberality employers combined 3,200 positions, and a financial zone combined 1,300 jobs. The construction zone also combined 600 jobs.

Massachusetts’ stagnation rate also remained reduce than a inhabitant average, that has hovered during 4.9 percent in new months.

The U.S. Labor Department also revised a Jun guess for Massachusetts adult by 1,200, to 17,600 new jobs for a month.

About 146,100 state residents sojourn unemployed.


The preparation and health services zone mislaid 1,200 jobs in July, and information services mislaid 300. Manufacturing practice fell by 200 jobs in a month.

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